(DUFL) Shakhtar 4-0 Dnipro

In the first game of the final part of the DUFL, 21 June, Shakhtar faced Dnipro.

The Pitmen gave the initiative to the opponents, in response Oleksandr Ladeyko’s charges orchestrated quick counterattacks, trying to capitalise Dnipro’s errors and were regularly creating dangerous situations. Such tactics soon brought fruit. On 23 minutes, Golik opened the scoring, and already in the following attack Golik made an accurate pass to Zorilo, who sent the ball straight into the net. And in the second half Shakhtar confidently brought the match to their win. First, after a corner-kick, Aussi netted a goal, and after three minutes energetic Golik again made a goal assist to Pelipak.

Shakhtar U-14 head coach Oleksandr Ladeyko has reflected on the game:

- We had an opportunity to study the opponent; we had a video of their game. We knew Dnipro’s stronger sides, based on that we built our tactics and used our own dominance – pace attributes of Maksim Golik. We deliberately gave the initiative to the opponents, so we conducted quick attacking moves. However, despite the score, the match turned out to be quite hard. However, we could have scored more. Zorilo, for example, wasted two chances. But our boys committed some errors too, so we may have conceded a goal too. Trubin played well in goal, plus defense put on a fine performance.

Shakhtar U-14 (Donetsk) - Dnipro U-14 (Dnipropetrovsk) - 4:0

Goals: Golik (23), Zorilo (26), Aussi (32), Pelipak (35)

Shakhtar U-14: Trubin (Egorchenko, 58), Biblik, Kharchenko, Aussi, Prokha, Bodnya (Dubko 50), Babenko (Christin V., 55), Pelipak, Snisar (Sidorov, 39), Zorilo (Morozov, 39), Golik (Maisuradze, 56)

Head coach: Oleksandr Ladeyko
Coach: Oscar Ratulutra

FC Shakhtar