(DUFL) Shakhtar vs Dnipro: match report

On 22 June, in the match of the final part of the DUFL, the Pitmen U-15 will face Dnipro.

As expected, the match-up proved to be really tense. In the first half, the teams created a number of dangerous goal scoring opportunities. Shakhtar’s Gritsa and Shushko had good opportunities to score, but failed to do so in the final phase. The second half of the match proved to be more successful for Dnipro. First, they capitalised on the Pitmen’s error in the central zone and opened the scoring, and after ten minutes they scored a goal against the Pitmen on the second occasion.                                                                                     

Shakhtar U-15 head coach Oleksandr Koval has reflected on the game:

- It was a game between teams of the high level. We controlled the ball well, dominated proceedings, but made errors in the centre of defence. As a rule, it is always a dangerous zone, you just cannot lose the ball there. The opponents capitalised on that, and there was not much time left for us to equalise the score.

Shakhtar U-15 (Donetsk) - Dnipro U-15 (Dnipropetrovsk) - 0:2                       

Shakhtar U-15: Gurskiy, Shushko, Grits, Dobrokhotov, Chmirev, Nazarenko, Korjakin (Baydaev 53) Pribluda, Drozdov, Maksimenko, Vyachisty (Lukach, 55)                                                    

Head coach: Oleksandr Koval                                                                              
Coach: Olexiy Bakharev                                

FC Shakhtar