(DUFL) Karpaty 0-1 Shakhtar

In the game of the final part of the DUFL, 22 June, Shakhtar U-14 faced Karpaty.

During the whole match, the Pitmen dominated proceedings. The hosts sat deep in defence in their half of the pitch and looked for opportunities to orchestrate counterattacks. It should be noted that the Lviv forward threatened Shakhtar’s goalkeeper on a number of occasions. However, despite significant dominance of the Pitmen, the scoring was opened only in the final minutes of the encounter. The Donetsk outfit orchestrated an attacking move, which led to an accurate shot from Bodnya.                                                                 

Shakhtar U-14 head coach Oleksandr Ladeyko has reflected on the match:

- We faced a very organised team, our boys managed to carve open their defence only in the final minutes. Karpaty were defending competently. We, in turn, were shot of courage and determination in the attacking movements a bit. We started playing in a more aggressive manner, and it brought a desired result. Overall, it was a hard-fought win.

Karpaty U-14 (Lviv) - Shakhtar U-14 (Donetsk) - 0: 1

Goal: Bodnya (57)                                                       

Shakhtar U-14: Trubin, Biblik, Kharchenko, Aussi, Prokha, Bodnya, Babenko, Pelipak (Dubko 59), Snisar (Kabrel, 40), Morozov (Zorilo 39), Golik (Maisuradze, 59)

Head coach: Oleksandr Ladeyko                     
Coach: Oscar Ratulutra                                    

FC Shakhtar