Shakhtar in Austria: in the wake of Klitschko and Schwarzenegger

June 25 started for the team with...weighing. This is a mandatory procedure after every holiday.

The morning training session featured variety as well. After the traditional fitness training in the gym, where Wladimir Klitschko and Arnold Schwarzenegger have recently been pumping up their biceps, the players went to the swimming pool. However, not everyone - five Brazilians, who returned to the Pitmen’s camp the day before, had routine aerobic work on the field.

- Fitness sessions are needed to maintain muscle tone. In the swimming pool, players performed exercises for coordination development. This work is carried out to significantly reduce the risk of muscle problems in the future. Such training is extremely necessary in the light of high workloads received in the first three days of the training camp, - fitness coach Carlo Nicolini explains.

Meanwhile, three more players joined up with the team: Eduard Sobol, Bogdan Sarnavskyi and Vyacheslav Tankovskyi. They will resume training in today’s evening training session.

FC Shakhtar