Shakhtar in Austria: honing character

The morning of June 28 was rich in emotions and impressions for the team. High workloads, under which are the players are at the training camp, of course, have been cancelled. But one should not forget about psychological relief either. Today's training combined with pleasant with useful.

The players were divided into two groups. While some of the players, supervised by Carlo Nicolini, improved their conditions in the gym, others vigorously subdued the watery element led by Mircea Lucescu. Then, the groups reversed.

Monotonous work with iron couldn’t even be compared with a lively atmosphere of the training session in the swimming pool under the open sky. The obvious competitive point dominated here: water polo, speed swim under water, swimming the breaststroke and freestyle, holding the breath for a while, and so on. By the way, the last exercise caused particular interest among hotel guests. Around the swimming pool, the audience gathered - spontaneous groups of fans formed individually almost near every player! In the end, the applause and the title went to the winner of Serhiy Kryvtsov - 2 minutes and 15 seconds underwater. Silver was shared by Ivan Ordets and Oleksandr Karavaev: their performance equalled 2 minutes and 1 minute 50 seconds, respectively. A People's Choice Award went to the goalkeeping coach Dmytro Shutkov – even professional swimmers can envy the abilities of the Pitmen’s goalkeeper.

However, despite the apparent ease of the activity in the swimming pool, the session in the swimming pool was of a very serious nature. First of all, this is the work on the development of coordination movements. And most importantly, how repeatedly Mircea Lucescu was saying during the session, - character and willpower. Hard, difficult... But gritted the teeth, focused and took another step toward an own record.

FC Shakhtar