Shakhtar in Austria: double shot

The eighth day of the Pitmen’s training camp in Going began with sessions on the field. Today, the team focused on working on coordination. In this regard, the training programme was supplemented by new exercises. Some of them raised the mood, not only the players’, but also that of coaching staff.

A mini-match of “Siamese twins” deserves special attention. Players were divided in pairs and... held each other’s hands. The task was that each pair played in the attack and in defence, coordinating movements between them. And they had to continue holding each other’s hands! At first it was difficult. But gradually the actions featured synchronicity. Maksim Malyshev and Alex Teixeira were particularly successful. They played so consistently as if they were operating as a pair for many years. They even scored a goal together through a double shot!

Meanwhile, the internationals begin to arrive to the Pitmen’s camp. In the morning came Taras Stepanenko, Vyacheslav Shevchuk and Olexandr Gladkiy. In addition, Vasyl Kobin joined the team. During the day, the rest of the players are also expected to return. Follow the news.

FC Shakhtar