Shakhtar vs Skenderbeu: players’ opinion

The Pitmen have reflected on the match with an Albanian club.

Serhiy Gryn, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- I think today I have looked much better on the field than in the opening match against Neftchi. I have even made an assist: I was challenging for the ball against the defender and saw Marlos at the far post, I passed the ball to him, and he sent the ball into an empty net. I cannot say that it was a simulated combination, because you have to constantly improvise. Prepared combinations involve running into the area, making yourself available for a one-two play and so on. Plus part of the second half in this game was not much different from the last game: only Vasyl Kobin did not play. So, the understanding on the field is already felt, there is progress - and the result reflects that. Frankly, I am very impressed, even with training sessions at Shakhtar - especially with the level of complexity, with the skill-set of guys who have gathered here. Every day I feel that I am growing as a footballer – there is something to strive for. At Shakhtar, it is much more difficult, both in terms of physical and psychological aspects. But the harder, the better and more interesting.

Dentinho, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- It was a great friendly! As for the start of the season, I think the team put on a fine performance. I am very happy with this victory; I'm sure that we need to continue in the same spirit to win all the titles. Talking about me, physically I feel great. During the holidays, I also trained and fully prepared. However, I still feel not quite feel comfortable in the new position on the pitch. But we have to do what the coach requires of us! Also, I should highlight young players – they are great players. Shakhtar have great future with them.

Eduard Sobol, Shakhtar’s defender:

- It's nice to come back to the team – there are a lot of positive emotions. Now we are training a lot, holding friendly matches: we are quickly gaining shape through games. The second game was physically easier for us. Speaking of team interactions, I think I still have work to do. Mister tells us a lot, all the guys listen to him attentively. We have been training together for a long time; we are used to each other, plus we streamline our teamwork through such friendlies. And, naturally, I am pleased to play with top level players, including, for example, Alex Teixeira, who knows everything on the field! I'm learning from him!

FC Shakhtar