Marcio Azevedo: kneecap test

The latest issue of the club’s interactive magazine is out. The central place is occupied by the interview with the Pitmen’s defender Marcio Azevedo. We bring you interesting excerpts from the conversation.

- Have you had moments in life when the apparent hopelessness of the situation would complete change and get better?
- Yes, it happened. At 20, I suffered a serious injury - a broken kneecap. I tried to treat it using all possible methods! But it did not work out. At that moment, I had a huge depression; I thought I would no longer play football. However, six months later, I returned to sport, and a few weeks later I signed a contract with a new club! Then I realized that the injury was a kind of test. I had to go through it before the next step in my career. A way in my life opened.

- That is, you see every obstacle as a test before something better?
- No. On the contrary, I believe that a person suffers if he does something wrong. This is the punishment.

- How do you cope with setbacks and problems in life?
- I get very frustrated, but I try not to show it. But I do not give up, because otherwise it may ruin the whole life.

- What are you most afraid of?
- Probably, the complete collapse in all spheres.

The full version can be found in the publication, which can be downloaded for free right now