Eduardo: We need to try our hardest to score

Shakhtar forward shared his take on the upcoming game against Malmo.

- Eduardo, domestically Shakhtar score a huge number of goals. What about the Champions League?
- Indeed, the Champions League in this respect is very different from the ordinary competitions. Tomorrow we should forget about the domestic twists and turns, and try our hardest to score against Malmo.

- This match is vital for Shakhtar. How do you see it, what conclusions did you make after the first encounter with the Swedish club?
- We lost away, and I think it was a good lesson for us. Therefore, in the return leg we will do our best to make it more successful for Shakhtar.

- What did you note for yourself as a striker in terms of challenges against Malmo defenders? What do your team need to change offensively, in what terms should they step it up to score the right amount of goals to win?
- I hope this game against Malmo will be different from the previous one, and our opener will open the path to the desired result. Personally, I have learned from the first game and revealed some nuances for myself in the light of the opponents’ defensive performance.

- What can you say about Malmo player Markus Rosenberg? And what exactly will be the difference between tomorrow's match and the sides’ first meeting?
- Rosenberg is a great player with huge experience. As for this game, we will have a chance to prove ourselves, thus making a big step forward. And the exact difference? Hopefully, the outcome will be different.