Age Hareide: Match will see box-to-box game

Ahead of the match with the Pitmen, Malmo’s coach has answered journalists’ questions.

- What are you writing in your notebook?
- A training plan for our evening session. I am looking through it.

- Shakhtar’s head coach has said that there will not be such a fan support, which the team could have in Donetsk. Can this factor play in your favour?
- This is a fairly unique situation for Shakhtar. It is very difficult to imagine ourselves in that position. They have to play in Lviv because of the political situation. All things considered, the Pitmen show very good results.

- Do you expect that Shakhtar will attack with even greater fervour than in Malmo?
- Yes, I think that the opponents will make every effort to win. Shakhtar will have to play attacking football. But this is their style, and they are achieving success thanks to it. Much will depend on our game in defence, and also on how we will make transitions from defence to attack, how we will find and exploit space. In this respect, our players showed a good game in the first home match. Again, a lot will depend on actions in defence and attack. No one is interested in watching the game played in the midfield. I think the match will see a box-to-box game.

- This is your second visit to Lviv. Has anything changed during that time, in your opinion?
- I visited Lviv during my spell with Helsingborg in 1999, if I'm not mistaken. Back then we played two very difficult matches. In that tie, we won on penalties. I'm pleased that I have not lost in Lviv. I did not have much time to get better acquainted with Lviv, I hope to do so tomorrow. I know that a lot has changed in Ukraine. But football remains at a high level.