Serhiy Kovalyov: We made a step forward and earned a win

Mentor of Shakhtar U19 commented on the match against Malmo.

- We said in the team: if there is a minimal chance, you need to use it. We are glad that the guys heard us. After the missed goal, they proved their willpower and character. There was a good concentration, plus their individual skill and teamwork.

- Did you work hard to make the team not expose themselves after conceding a goal?
- Each game in the domestic championship and in the UEFA Youth League is like our last one. In the championship we won away, it gave the guys confidence. And the goal we conceded today had no effect on the team’s condition.

- Today, your performance has been much more organized than in your previous rounds of the Youth League?
- Perhaps, yes. We pointed out the guys’ mistakes. Basically, we succeeded in terms of our defensive duties. I think this is the merit of the whole team.

- Is the team’s progress significant?
- Yes, it is. The boys have already tried the ‘Youth Champions League’, looked at the opponents and must progress with each game.

- You don’t currently have Boryachuk and Zubkov at your disposal, but Arabidze has appeared...
- Those players who were absent today, of course, would have added confidence. Since they are experienced guys and have covered a certain distance in the Youth league! But the guys who replaced them, have produced a very good performance, so the absence of those players did not affect the result.

- What do you make of the match compared to the meeting in Sweden?
- We have made a step forward and earned our first win in the Youth League. This should give confidence to the whole team.

- You spend almost the entire game on the bench, without running by the sideline. Are you distressed for them in a seated position?
- We run in the league! While in the Youth League we just experience the concern inwardly.