Mircea Lucescu: I’d like to thank the fans for their support

Mentor of Shakhtar gave a press conference after the match against Malmo.

- What comment might follow such a game? The convincing win. Malmo must be happy that the match ended with just 4-0 – it could have been much bigger. At the end of the first half I looked at the scoreboard: there were 17 dangerous moments, shots towards the goal. We have proved that football is played not only through long balls, as Malmo do it, but also through low ones – promptly and skillfully. It is a pity that once again I have to talk about the officials team. By the way, they come from Romania. A very spectacular performance that the audience did enjoy, was interrupted by some incomprehensible whistles. But the thing that really upsets me, is that the two leading players – Kucher and Srna – got completely unnecessary cards which were not actually the case! And now they are missing the match against Real Madrid. Darijo was given a card for alleged diving, although it was a sure penalty. Kucher allegedly played a handball ... First of all, he did not play it. And if the ball hit him in the arm, he didn’t move it at all, to earn a yellow card. I'm sure that this kind of refereeing is just against the teams at our level. I am a hundred per cent sure that such cards would never be shown against Real Madrid. If we remember all the yellow cards earned by Darijo ... The first one was awarded when the ball hit him in the back and the ref pointed to the spot in Madrid. The second one followed when he allegedly fouled in Sweden, followed by a spot kick, although Berget had initially dragged him by the arm. And now, supposedly for diving. Maybe I happen to be subjective at times. I will watch those episodes once again, very carefully. But I don’t quite get it: earning four cards in such an easy match, which we won 4-0, although the score might have been more emphatic ... To me that’s inexplicable. But generally, I want to extend my congratulations to my team on the performance they have produced today, on this result. I said yesterday that I believe in my team and in our performance. There was a very good support from the fans. I did not expect so many people to attend today’s match. I would like to thank them for their support, for their coming to root for us. Naturally, in that kind of atmosphere we responded with some outstanding and spectacular performance and a good result.

- We had the impression that Shakhtar were head and shoulders above Malmo. What were they missing in Sweden to grab their points?
- Perhaps they were lacking the mood we’ve had today. That’s in the first place. I spoke yesterday at the press conference that we didn’t quite get over the game against Dynamo, as we came out for the match against Malmo being complacent. That’s always punishable.

- What was the reason behind the appearance of Kanibolotskyi and why was Gladkyy replaced at halftime?
- Gladkyy sprained his ankle. Very painful injury. He tried to come out but failed to do so. As for Kanibolotskyi, he just deserved it after the game against Zorya, when in the first half he really came to our rescue. He's been at Shakhtar for three years now and, unfortunately, he could not make his debut in the Champions League. If one doesn’t debut in this kind of game, then where else should they?