Age Hareide: After the second goal, Malmo’s spirit sank

At the post-match press conference, the coach of the Swedish club responded to questions from the media.

- Didn’t it seem to you that the defeat was caused and your team’s performance affected by the officials’ decisions?
- No, I do not think the officials might have affected it. Of course, there was a lot of fighting and cards, but that's normal, as the game was pretty tough - even tougher than the previous one. We just got such a disappointing result.

- In the opening stages of the match, Lewicki left the pitch. How is he?
- Yes, he collided with an opponent on the field. Doctors diagnosed him to have a concussion.

- It’s clear that your game plan was the same as in the Swedish meeting. Today, it did not work. What’s the reason according to you?
- Right you are, the plan was similar. It didn’t work because our players this time didn’t look aggressive enough, they couldn’t stand the pace, also failing to play compactly, allowing gaps between the lines. Besides, they failed to properly control the ball at certain moments. But do not forget that Shakhtar are a very good team! Before the first leg, the Donetsk team beat Dynamo Kyiv 3-0. However, in Malmö we won, although this did not mean that the Pitmen should not be reckoned with. Shakhtar play at a pretty high level.

- Can Malmo count on at least one point in the next home game against PSG?
- It is too early to make any assumptions. Much will depend on the future condition of our players. Many of them are leaving to join their national teams, and we can only guess in what form they will return. But one thing I know for sure: against PSG we will try to give our one hundred percent.

- To this day, neither Real Madrid nor PSG have been able to thrash Malmo. What is it that Shakhtar has shown today?
- The reason for that lies in ourselves. Unfortunately, in this game we were unable to prove ourselves from the opening minutes. It is important to remember that there is no logic in football. But we can talk about emotions instead, because after the penalty and the second goal the spirit of our team just sank. At that point we had to charge forward and try to come from behind, but we did not use that opportunity. Which sealed our major defeat.