Bohdan Sarnavskyi: Oleksandriya confidently gathered pace

Shakhtar goalkeeper granted an interview to the official site ahead of the Ukrainian League Matchday 14 fixture.

- Shakhtar are approaching the meeting with Oleksandriya after their confident Champions League win. Will there be any room for complacency?
- If everything was that easy, people would just dislike football. This game is interesting for its unpredictability. Needless to say that to become title holders, we must win. That’s what we are seeking.

- Are the 13 points scored in 12 matches a decent result for the Premier League newcomers Oleksandriya?
- Performance wise, they are far from being a bottom team in the league. The guys and I watched their game against Vorskla. Oleksandriya looked very decently, even beating Poltava to an extent.

- There also were a draw against Zorya and a victory over Volyn...
- Exactly, the team look good and have confidently gathered pace lately.

- Through what might Oleksandriya manage to achieve the result, according to you?
- Primarily through their teamwork and discipline.

- The first-round match ended in a 2-0 win for Shakhtar, but after that, Mircea Lucescu noted that Oleksandriya had defended well. Is the well-organised defence their biggest strength?
- Basically, everyone plays defensively against Shakhtar. Another thing is that someone succeeds at it and someone else doesn’t. But Oleksandriya played really well back then, especially since it was their first match in the Premier League. I am sure that it won’t be just a walk in the park on Saturday.