Alex Teixeira – the best in October

Traditionally at the end of each month, Shakhtar’s official site have picked the best player of the team.

10 former players of the Donetsk team, plus the same amount of media representatives and visitors of the official site, took part in the poll. A player got 1 point for each vote from the Pitmen’s former player and a journalist, for third place – 2 points, for second and first 3 and 5 respectively. We bring you the results of the poll in each group.

Shakhtar former players
Mykhailo Sokolovsky - Alex Teixeira
Valery Rudakov - Alex Teixeira
Oleksandr Koval - Alex Teixeira
Olexiy Belik - Alex Teixeira
Gennadiy Zubov - Alex Teixeira
Oleksandr Babiy - Alex Teixeira
Yuriy Virt - Alex Teixeira
Yuri Dudinskiy - Alex Teixeira
Igor Dybchenko - Alex Teixeira
Serhiy Kovalyov - Alex Teixeira
Alex Teixeira – 10

As for the visitors of the site, 3,795 fans took part in the poll. Third place went to Bernard – 219 (5,77%) respondents supported him. This result gives 2 points to the total ranking. 645 (17,00) users picked Alex Teixeira – 3 points. Giorgi Arabidze took first place, receiving 2,338 (61,61%) votes – 5 points.

Shakhtar’s best goalkeeper in October?

Giorgi Arabidze – 2,338 (61,61%) – 5 points
Alex Teixeira – 645 (17,00%) – 3 points.
Bernard – 219 (5,77%) – 2 points
Total points: 3,795


Viktor Sokolov, Futbol channel, reporter - Alex Teixeira
Dmytro Durnev, Moskovsky Komsomolets in Donbass , editor in chief - Alex Teixeira
Andriy Peti, website Terrikon, project manager - Alex Teixeira
Dmytro Kushnir, Sports-arena, columnist - Taras Stepanenko
Oleksandr Gaponenko,, chief editor - Alex Teixeira
Ruslan Mezhensky, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine, editor of sports department - Alex Teixeira
Serhiy Bondarenko, Ukrainskyi Futbol, editor in chief - Alex Teixeira
Artem Voitsekhovskyi, Sport-Arena, columnist - Alex Teixeira
Valentin Tsimokh, Sport-Express in Ukraine newpaper, reporter - Alex Teixeira
Pavlo Bulakh,, chief editor – Bernard


Alex Teixeira – 8 points
Taras Stepanenko – 1 point
Bernard – 1 point

So, in total, Taras Stepanenko got 1 point, Bernard – 3 points and Giorgi Arabidze – 5. Alex Teixeira became the best player of October, receiving 21 points! Congratulations!