Mircea Lucescu: We’re happy with result, but have criticism towards players

Press conference by Shakhtar head coach after the game against Oleksandriya.

- On behalf of the club management we offer our apologies for the fan’s behaviour. The individual has been identified, so the law enforcement authorities will deal with him. Mister, what is your personal impression of the match? Your mood was so aggressive. We thought you would beat your players...
- Yes, I’m unhappy with the performance and with the second-half episodes, when at 3-1 our players got complacent. They made the mistakes which we had analysed! We had discussed Oleksandriya’s strengths, earning a penalty against ourselves just like that. We allowed the opponents to deliver balls from the flanks, which is very dangerous... Today the most important thing was not to let the hosts feel courage in their actions. To do that, we just had to have control of the game, leaving Oleksandriya without the ball. Up to 3-1, everything was fine. We had a numerical advantage. We just had to quietly control the game and bring it to a logical end without any dangerous situations near our goal. Unfortunately, it did not happen. We started deploying long balls, which we shouldn’t have done – Oleksandriya are very strong in this regard. Plus, I was not impressed at all by the players who came on as subs. I was looking for the options ahead of the match against Real Madrid due to the fact that we will be missing two players. That’s why Ordets was on the pitch instead Kucher. We also looked at Dentinho in two roles at a time: he fulfilled his duties as a holding midfielder, looking unconvincingly at right back. Therefore, in the match against Real Madrid, Darijo is most likely to be replaced by Kobin. I liked neither Ferreyra nor Nem, who, except for a few fouls earned, didn’t blend in with the team’s performance. This explains the fact that you have heard from the dressing room my criticism of the players. Important three points on the field of not very good quality, especially as the opponents play it in a fast and aggressive manner... Of course, individual challenges are characteristic of this team, as it’s easy to fulfil it on this kind of pitch. Once again, we are happy with the result. We will analyse what happened and draw certain conclusions. Shakhtar are Shakhtar, they cannot afford not to boss it completely should the opponents be short-handed. At the score of 1-3, unfortunately, we stopped. Perhaps the players were thinking about the days off I had promised to give them after today's match.

- Didn’t you have a sense of déjà vu since the recent match against Oleksandriya in this stadium also ended 2-3 and there were two suspensions?
- That's why I say that it is very difficult to play Oleksandriya on this field. The team practise some aggressive and dynamic football. My congratulations to Volodymyr Sharan on his having formed such a team. Not being the top-profile players, they give their all on the field and, obviously, they fulfil what the coach tells them.

- Who would you highlight among the opposition players?
- I never did it before, and can’t do it now.