Oleksandr Gladkyy: Crucial games are coming

The Pitmen’s forward has reflected on the upcoming game with Slovenia.

- What mood are the team going into this match in?
- The most wonderful one! We are very focused and are concentrated, because the most important games are coming. All our thoughts are focused on the two games against Slovenia; all of us want to win in each of them. I can assure you we will do everything possible to put an end to this terrible tradition to finally reach the finals.

- Many players from the opposition side play for top European leagues. What game are expecting in connection with that?
- Frankly speaking, we haven’t analysed the opponents during theory sessions. Of course, the coaches will point out the strengths and weaknesses of the Slovenian team, but one thing is already clear: the opponents want to go through to the final as much as we do. Therefore, Slovenia will give their all on the pitch, just like we will.

- In the group stage, Slovenia conceded much more goals than our team – 11 goals...
- It will no longer play any role in this match-up. We need to forget everything that was in the group stage, and gear up solely for the next two matches. I would like to repeat that both for our team and for Slovenia, these two games are the most important in the current campaign. We just need to seriously prepare for this match, analyse the opponents’ game and take to the pitch with all guns blazing. Because for us the most important thing is to show you what we can do.

- Do you think the fact of the national team playing the first game at home play into your hands?
- Everyone has their own opinion on this matter. But I believe that it should not important for us where to play the first match. Because it is not important in comparison to what our goal is. There are two matches, and in each of them we need to win. But, of course, it is great that there have already been sold almost all the tickets for the match in Lviv. It's no secret that this city brings our team luck. Plus, everyone knows how our team are supported here. These are the factors that should play into our hands.