Antalyaspor vs Shakhtar: players’ view

The Pitmen have reflected on a friendly game in Turkey.

Ismaily, Shakhtar’s defender:

- The most important task of any player, especially a player of Shakhtar is to help his team win. So I'm very glad that I managed to score just two minutes after taking to the field. Similarly, I do not remember, but it seems that it is the 24th or 25th goal in my career. Speaking of today's match, I would note that such a friendly game is very important in terms of our preparation. It's great that the guys from the other team got the chance. Even playing with second-choice players, we have shown that we were not inferior to the opponents, we can achieve a result. I think we looked well and showed a decent game. Plus, I am very pleased with the young players.

Wellington Nem, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- From the first minutes of the game it was quite unusual. I guess we had never played with such a squad before. Taison, Dentinho – everyone was not playing in their positions... But I think it is a fair result of the match: in the first half, the opponents looked a little better than us, in the second one – we did. After the break we played more openly and finished the match in a decent manner. As for me, I cannot yet say how much time I will need to regain form, but the most important thing is that I play. Because the more you take to the field, the more you believe in yourself and feel better. I am glad that Mister trusts me.

Bernard, Shakhtar’s midfielder:

- Of course, today we were missing the guys who had been called up for international duty. Their absence was felt, but young players got a chance. Such friendly matches are also very important. Today, we could win, though the score of 1-1 reflects the events on the field. We played better in than the first half than in the second, we stepped up the tempo, showed a better performance. It was Mister’s instructions. He said despite the fact that it was a training match, we had to give our best. Therefore, we improved after the break.