Shakhtar magazine: latest issue

Dear fans! The latest issue of the club magazine is out.

Traditionally, the issue is opened by the address to fans from the club president Rinat Akhmetov.

- In October, Shakhtar again topped the standings of the Ukrainian league. Bright, beautiful and confident victory over Dynamo Kyiv, with our players not leaving the opponents any chance of success, has brought us a lot of positive emotions. In the history of games between Shakhtar and Dynamo, it is the biggest win of our team on the pitch of our archrivals. And it's very good.

Also in this issue you will find an exclusive interview with Yaroslav Rakytskyy in which the defender of the Pitmen analysed the performances of the team in the Champions League, spoke of Shakhtar away from home and shared his principles.

- We have a task - win! What else can you feel? We do not go out on the field to just look at an opponent or be photographed, for example, with Ronaldo. We want to win! I would not say that the level of PSG and Real Madrid is higher than ours. There is another point: we are playing away from home and outside the home stadium. And this is very important. Donetsk and their fans - that's what we lack.

On the current state of things at Shakhtar Academy and values cultivated there, read the material from the technical coordinator of the Academy Miguel Cardoso.

- Today, the Academy has a huge incentive: we see how our graduates get into the first team and play there regularly. This is the result of joint work with the coaching staff of the first team, which is another proof of the incredible ability of Mr. Lucescu to find a common language with young players. We will continue to follow this way, and we hope that in the future we will not cease to amaze with new achievements and new names at the top level of the Ukrainian football. It is not an easy process, but an ambitious and interesting one.

In addition, the latest edition of the magazine features the club CEO Sergei Palkin’s exclusive interview, in which he talks about his conquering of Mont Blanc.

- At the top, we unfolded the scarf of Shakhtar! In addition, I took a club shirt, but could only put it on at an altitude of 3, 800 meters. It is simply impossible to do it higher, because the temperature there is -15C and severe wind! To be honest, at some point, I was sure that my hands had been frostbitten. There came a moment when you do not know what's going on with your hands in such cold and do not quite know what to do. There is a stalemate: continue to climb or go back? At that moment I realized the necessity of the normal equipment that protects from the cold.

Read material from Football 1 channel journalist Viktor Sokolov and ex-striker of the Pitmen Serhiy Shcherbakov, look for exclusive photos, statistics, analysis and more.

The latest issue of the Shakhtar magazine is available for free download. Enjoy reading!