Marlos: Volyn defend well – that’s their strength

Ahead of the match against Lutsk, Shakhtar midfielder gave an interview to the club website.

- In July, Shakhtar beat Volyn 4-1. Back then, Teixeira scored two goals plus Taison and Eduardo scored one each. Does it mean that the Brazilians are well acquainted with the playing style of the Lutsk team and know how to beat them?
- Yes, we know Volyn well: not only the Brazilians, but all the players of Shakhtar do. The opponents have some players who can be somewhat aggressive on the field. But we are ready for that. Last time, Lutsk showcased some physical football. That’s Volyn’s strong side – athleticism and fighting. But, believe me, for us that’s not a problem. Shakhtar often meet with the teams whose players are physically stronger and taller than ours. Therefore, we will try to win it, relying on our skill.

- Why do the clubs with many internationals frequently find their first games tough after the return of those players from international duty?
- It seems to me that it doesn’t have much to do with Shakhtar. While the boys were with their national teams, we continued to train hard, being no less ready than they were. Although sometimes, playing for the national team can be exhausting, but I think not in our case. We are ready for the match against Volyn, as we understand the importance of each match.

- Does the fact that you will play in Zaporizhya motivate you? Firstly, it’s closer to Donetsk, secondly - you have recently thrashed Zorya 7-1 there.
- Zaporizhya is a nice, quiet city, in which we are perceived well. We are going there to claim another win, just as we did in the case with Zorya. They have an excellent pitch there, a good stadium - and that works well in our favour. Now the main thing is to tune up for the match and make every effort to win in Zaporizhya.

- In the current season, Volyn have scored not so many goals - 16, this said the team rank fifth in the standings. At the expense of what, do you think, will the opponents manage to achieve positive results?
- Volyn defend well – that’s their strength. It takes some sweating to break through their defensive line. The players perform so cohesively that sometimes you need to literally dig your way to the goal. I think that's exactly why Volyn sit in the fifth spot with so few goals. But I want to repeat it: it is important for us to win this match and continue the tradition of winning in Zaporizhya.