Taras Stepanenko: We are waiting for the fans in Zaporizhya

Shakhtar midfielder speaks about the upcoming match against Volyn.

- In the previous round Volyn opened the scoring in the fourth minute of the meeting and extended the lead on 50 minutes. Should you be particularly wary of the Lutsk team’s attacks early in each half?
- Football is a thing, in which anything can happen any time. You might score a goal and concede one any minute: no matter whether at the beginning of the match or at the end. That is exactly why we must be watchful and concentrated. Because in our league it always happens like this: if the opponents score one against Shakhtar – they immediately drop deep, just parking the bus. And then it gets very difficult for us. Therefore, we must make every effort to prevent it from happening in Saturday's match.

- After the match against Volyn in the first round, in which the opponents were attacking more than Shakhtar, Mister highlighted our team’s good counterattacking performance. Back then you showcased vertical football. And what kind of game can we expect on Saturday?
- In any case, we need to win it. So, as usual, we will be attacking continuously. Naturally, I cannot tell you how Volyn will operate. I can only assume that the team of Kvartsyanyi will still play defensively, on the counter.
- In the last three league games, Shakhtar scored 13 goals. At the expense of what did you achieve this kind of performance and will it be difficult to extend the goal galore in the match against Volyn?
- We created lots of scoring chances, many of which we managed to convert – that's probably the secret. I hope that in the game against Lutsk, we will continue this tradition and will be able to use all our capabilities.

- But traditionally, the matches against Volyn turn uneasy and tense ...
- In this regard, it is great that we will have the meeting with Volyn in Zaporizhya! In this city, they are very fond of football. Especially since many people from Donbas reside there. So I very much hope that on Saturday we will have a great support. So I want to address all the fans: we are waiting for you at the stadium!

- And finally: based on the performance displayed by the team of Vitaliy Kvartsyanyi, are they able to compete for the Europa League berth?
- Now, unfortunately, there are not so many clubs who can compete for a spot in European competitions. As for Volyn, they are a decent team with great selection of players. Therefore, if Lutsk continue to score points, they can surely take part in the Europa League.