U21. Shakhtar vs Volyn: players’ view

After the game, Shakhtar U21 players have shared their impressions.

Taras Kacharaba, Shakhtar U21 defender:

- Weather and field were the same for the two teams. The main thing is that we have followed the coaching instructions, immediately tried to recover the ball when losing the ball. The whole team played in an organised manner both in defence and attack. It was the key to victory. Attacking players of Volyn all the time imposed their game on us, the defenders. I think our younger players showed character today. We conceded a goal from a set play due to the fact that the score was already 3-0 and somewhere lost concentration, and then we confidently wrapped the game up. There are two rounds left; we need to win these games. Perhaps, the result will be more important than the game, as pursuers are one or two points behind us.

Vasyl Sagaidak, Shakhtar U21 defender:

- Volyn’s players operated defensively, so the coach asked to connect to the attacks on the flanks. It turned out well, and it is a pity that Gryn failed to score after my run and a cross to the 11-meter mark. It was hard to show the combination football on the pitch, but we were still trying. Perhaps the weather played more into hands of Volyn’s approach: on the heavy fields they fight all the time, slide with tackles. The game was tight enough, however, there were no bookings. During the break, the coach said that we had to step up our game and try to score a third goal in the first 15 minutes. We scored, it became easier, but in a situation with a goal we conceded, we can talk about loss of concentration. We could have won with a bigger goal-margin, but there is no reason to be upset, for Andriy Boyarchuk too, who failed to convert a spot kick.

Vladyslav Bugay, Shakhtar U21 forward:

- The match was difficult. Weather affected the game, because of the rain we could not implement everything that had been intended. Volyn used long passes, hitting the ball forward, and our task was to show combination football,  that is what we tried to do all the time. In the episode, when we won a penalty kick, after a throw-in, I was in the penalty area, picked up the ball, but I was brought down. I decided not to take penalty, it was decided before the match that Andriy Boyarchuk would take it. Overall, we managed to score good goals to take important three points.