Mircea Lucescu: We helped, help and will help

Before the match between Shakhtar and Volyn, the Pitmen’s head coach and defender Oleksandr Kucher visited old friends – the Zaretskiy family.

For many years, Mircea Lucescu and the players have been helping large families under the “Say No to Orphanhood” programme. In 2012, in cooperation with the Rinat Akhmetov foundation, the team bought a house for a family-type orphanage organised by Valeriya and Olexiy Zaretskiy. Since then, Shakhtar have taken patronage over it.

Alas, the war in the Donbas has not spared anyone. The house, presented by the team, was in the midst of hostilities: the second floor was burned down, the first one was half destroyed... The Zaretskiy family with ten children were evacuated to Zaporizhzhya, where local authorities provided them with premises of the former kindergarten. This is where Mircea Lucescu and Oleksandr Kucher have come to, taking advantage of the first opportunity – Shakhtar play the match in Zaporizhzhya today.

- These wonderful people have so many children, and they have been left without their home. But they are great people; they look to the future with optimism, and as I understand, are going to rebuild their home – Oleksandr Kucher shared his impressions. – It is very nice to meet this couple. By looking at them, I want to return to Donetsk even more. I want to go back home very much! I represent the team here today. On behalf of all our guys, I gave the Zaretskiy family tickets for today's match between Shakhtar and Volyn. They will surely come to the stadium - and we will be very happy to see them!

Mircea Lucescu also supported a large family. Shakhtar’s head coach gave the Zaretskiy family personal funds for internal repairs.

The meeting was attended by another family from Donetsk – the Tsyganenkos. Natalia and Roman have six foster children and soon will also move to the premises of the kindergarten. Mister learned about this family from the newspaper. Today this family have also received personal assistance from the Pitmen’s head coach.

- We helped, help and will help to those in need, - Shakhtar’s head coach has stressed.

Sweets, presents, memorable photos - half an hour passed quickly. Mircea Lucescu and Oleksandr Kucher went to prepare for the match. However, the Zaretskiy and Tsyganenko families will meet again with Shakhtar - at 17:00 at Slavutych-Arena.