Mircea Lucescu: We showcase the most spectacular football

Press conference by the head coach of Shakhtar after defeating Volyn.

- The match was spectacular - it was clear from the reaction of the audience in the stands. We played fast enough and with good aggression. We had numerous attacking moves. As for the opponents, I want to note that they did not give up until the end, trying to change something, but not everything worked for them. Today’s developments on the pitch correspond to the scoreline. I am happy with my players’ performance, especially with their attacking performance. I would like to repeat the thing I have repeatedly said: in the Ukrainian championship we showcase the most spectacular football. No wonder it is appreciated at the European level. We demonstrate that kind of football owing to our players’ skill, and the audience likes it.

- Did you like the support in Zaporizhya? Is it any different from that in Lviv?
- When the team have an audience behind them, the players feel it immediately and prove themselves in a different way. Of course, each player and the whole team want to thank them. Today it was mutual: we played, and the audience supported us. I can only imagine what all that would be like at the Donbass Arena presently in front of 50 thousand spectators.

- Mister, the day started for you with visiting large families who have moved to Zaporizhya due to the circumstances. What is your impression of the conditions they live in and of your communication? How does it help to create an atmosphere in the team, to help people?
- We also helped this team in the past, when they used to reside in Donetsk. We presented them with a house. They are a young family. They are very fond of children! Naturally, one should help that kind of people, because what they have been doing is heroic. We have always helped them and will help them on in the future. We read about another family’s problems in a newspaper. We asked the club management to learn everything possible about them, to provide us with the information so that we could help them. I would like to mention the people who take responsibility for bringing up many children and help children without parents to find a family, to be happy. At the initiative of our president, they set a foundation to help orphans. And we are also trying to help in any way we can. The less children in orphanages, the better for society. This is one of the goals of our team: to help those who need assistance.

- Please assess the performance of Taison and Dentinho in today’s match. Did you manage to replace Teixeira?
- Of course, Teixeira is a very important player for our teamwork. Our game is based on the interaction of all players. Therefore, our system is not easy to blend in, but if a player does it, then he feels very comfortable. As an example, no one noticed that in the game against Zorya, just as was the case with the opponents, we were also missing four important players. My goal is to build the team, in which all the players will know what to do on the field in a particular case, if someone is absent or someone needs to be replaced. Therefore it is not so important if one of the players changes his position or operates in a different area. If they are well prepared physically, knowing what to do on the field, observe the principles of the game and speak the same football language, it is not a problem for them to play not in their favourite roles. Today Taison was behind the striker, initially operating not that well, but then he looked good. The same can be said about Dentinho, who is a winger. He operated well today in the holding area. Fred is generally considered an attacking player, and today he has played as holding defensive midfielder, and he managed it! In the same way Fernandinho played in the past, as well as many other players who have left us. The main thing is that they perform their entire work on the field in a moving fashion. It is important that they seal out the spaces they are in, making quick transitions from defence to attack and vice versa. Also, my another requirement is that they are altruistic in the moves that we are trying to showcase on the field. Therefore, Shakhtar have been at this level for many years, despite the fact that each year some leading players leave. The young Kovalenko and Korobenko appeared, we also field Arabidze ... That is, we find both the place and the opportunity for them to play. Shakhtar are in constant transition. So if Teixeira is unavailable, we will do our utmost so that another player could replace him and that no one could notice that.