Vitaliy Kvartsyanyy: Shakhtar just crushed us

Head coach of Volyn has reflected on the match with Shakhtar.

- We lost in the most important components of football: speed, passion and desire to fight to the end. I will not blame the players much, because they could not fully prepare for the meeting with Shakhtar. We had to play at least two friendly games with a serious opponent. Or, say, with a team of first or second league. We failed to do that, many teams are dissolved, and those who are close to our region, have refused. The Donetsk team played with good Turkish clubs during a preparation stage. Lucescu tested a couple of other players. It was evident in the squad, we improvised. We were 70% right in terms of guessing who would come out on the field today. But our guys could not cope with the individual qualities of the opponents, their speed and versatile players such as Kucher, Srna, Ismaily. Not to mention the speed of players in the midfield area. Taison, who was deployed in the position of the holding midfielder, made crazy 70 meter runs. We have no one to catch up with him. Matej was responsible for Srna, but failed in that. Today Darijo was both the playmaker and conductor, and attacked on the flank. The Croat made the maximum versatile actions, our players were not able to follow him. An example of this is the first goal. All missed the cross. There Shust should have intercepted it and Loginov move to the left side, and Politylo. We talked about it, but the players have forgotten, they were late and did not do what they should have done. Shakhtar simply crushed us with their fast work. We were just disorganized, playing deep in defence. Nobody told to do so. But today, many were reluctant to act deep in attack, move a lot and play the ball. Our pre-match instructions lasted half an hour. They were told and shown everything, but they played their football and sat deep in defence. Then it was necessary to act firmly, but they did not do that. I counted on Memeshev’s pace, but he stopped to be ‘friendly with the ball'. The player must progress, but he stopped and starts regressing, and he thinks that he is strong. But it is very difficult to climb into the player’s mind. I am grateful to Shakhtar for giving us a good preparation before the match with Metalurh Zaporizhzhya. We also have to wait for thank you from the Pitmen because of their practice before the meeting with Real Madrid. I saw Lucescu’s adaptation actions ahead of the game with Real Madrid - his team is working with great effort, with the speed and initiative. We lack those qualities.

- Could you comment on the substitution in the first half, and assess Bogdanov’s performance?
- In the first half Bogdanov hardly cope with his role at right-back, in the second half he played a little brighter: he managed to even connect to the attack, but there were not crosses. We sometimes tell them to shoot from mid distance, what is the point delivering the ball into the zone where there are a lot of players? But he failed in that. I cannot really blame him - he tried very hard. Because the player did not have a training camp with us, he was suffering. It is good, when the opponent is more or less is as strong as we are. But with such a team as Shakhtar, one can see that he lacks in terms of condiotion. I think he will work in the winter, he is a good footballer... And not only he, the same applies to Polyovyi, I think, he is our most interesting player in terms of working with the ball. He lacks power, but he almost coped with the work. Although a cross, the first goal was scored from his position. I have already said who it was supposed to be. And why they were not there, if Polyovyi was in the middle, who should meet the opponent - the players knew it. But there was no one. So there is a question to the full-backs, it was very hard. The players of Shakhtar acted faster, more confident and in a more aggressive manner, showing great individual technique. Therefore, they were stronger in these components, our defenders made mistakes, including Bogdanov. And you saw Kravchenko did not play fast, he moved slowly, the ball eluded constantly... Or why he then gave all away: won the ball – gave it back to Shakhtar. He did not recover the ball! Especially considering such massive opponents’ pressing - Kravchenko did not pick the balls up. You may not engage in creative activities, may not hit from long range as a defensive midfielder or play balls to attacking players, but you carry out the basic work! Go into tackles, challenge for the ball - what was said. But that was promised in words but in fact he did nothing. I will not look at the names or something else... I had already been thinking that a player would start working, would fight. But it was not the case! We had to replace him earlier - perhaps we would not have conceded two goals in the first half.

- In spite of everything in the second half your players played more enthusiastic. What did you say in the dressing room?
- What any coach would say – I drew attention to the comments. I said if we conceded more than two goals, all will be fined for this match. And that they should not look for loyal relationship with the coaching staff. Why you have not played as promised, as we demanded, why you started playing not in accordance with coaching instructions. You can lose even by a six-goal margin, but you have to score too. And for some reason they did not want to hit goal wards - for me it is a question. The attack must move closer to the opposition goal all the time, the final shot or a cross. There were episodes when we had good chances, but again played the ball back - like yesterday Olimpik. We played across and back. I told them to go forward, but they reached the penalty area - and then some things that are hard to get. It is a big difference what we say, how to act, and the performance of players. But I say, maybe it's the fact that we did not prepare seriously, or not so much as Shakhtar, for this match. They have the same perspective - the European games. Of course, we had to look inferior somewhere, but not the way we conceded the first two goals.