Keylor Navas: The match will be difficult – the opponents are strong

On the eve of the game with Shakhtar, Real Madrid’s goalkeeper has answered journalists' questions at the pre-match press conference.

- What's going on in the team after Saturday's loss to Barcelona?
- We have made conclusions, as the coach insisted. All of us are professionals and we know that we played very poorly. We are to blame for what happened. But we clearly understand our goals and continue to fight for them.

- Real Madrid have already reached the knockout stage. How important is it to advance from the group from the first place?
- For us it is very important. We are well aware that the match with Shakhtar will be difficult; they are strong opponents, but it will help us feel more confident in the future. Tomorrow we really need three points.

- Is everything fine with your adductor muscle? The second question: do the team support the coach in connection with the recent events?
- I'm all right, I have recovered from my injury. Regarding the second question, the team support our coach. We are united, we have one goal, and whatever may be said, we are on the side of our coach, and this is the view of all the players.

- You have said that Shakhtar are difficult opponents. They need to win tomorrow to qualify for the Europa League. What to expect from the game?
- Of course, they are difficult opponents, and they need points. We will try to operate without errors, to be on the field as a single unit and show our style of play. We expect to win, just like in any other match.

- Continuing the theme of El Classico: you say that the team have analysed the errors. What kind of mistakes have you made and how are you going to avoid them?
- As I said, we played poorly and are completely aware that we need to change something in our actions and in this situation. And, of course, we have made the appropriate conclusions.

- Do you think the team’s lack of unity is the team’s main setback?
- I think not. We are a team, and when we lose, the whole team lose, and in the same way - when we win. There's no problem, I trust my team-mates and I do believe that unity is our strength.

- Yesterday, a press conference of the Real Madrid president took place, during which he has said that the current crisis is a consequence of the last season. What do you think about this?
- All teams have both good and bad points. As for the match with Barcelona, I will repeat again: we played bad. But I think now is the time to think about the future and achieve our goals for the team.