Serhiy Kovalyov: Team of Shakhtar level must fight to the end

Head coach of Shakhtar U19 reflects on the match against Real Madrid.

- Serhiy Mykolayovych, can we say that Shakhtar have lost today due to defensive errors?
- No, I think that the team loses. We told the guys that the whole team should defend and attack. It’s wrong to blame only defensive players for the defeat.

- Nevertheless, six goals conceded is an unpleasant result...
- Of course, very unpleasant. Especially in the course of the second half, after the score became 2-3, we still had scoring opportunities: Boryachuk got virtually one-on-one with the keeper and failed to score... Right after that chance, we conceded the fourth goal, which, in my opinion, was decisive. But all this does not give a reason to give up. A team of Shakhtar Donetsk level must always fight to the end. If the guys fail to grasp it, they are likely to face issues in terms of the future growth then.

- What is the mood within the team and what to expect in the final round?
- We are trying to psych up the guys for every match in order to achieve a positive result. Playing against such rivals as Real Madrid and PSG. These meetings reveal our and their level. There are certain issues for us to work on a lot yet. And, basically, we do that in the training process. We’ve got the last game against PSG left – we will take to the field and try to achieve a positive result.