Rafael Benitez: Scoreline is the result of the attacking teams’ moves

Real Madrid coach reflects on the meeting with Shakhtar Donetsk.

- What do you feel after the match, how would you analyse the game? You are more satisfied with the first 78 minutes or upset by the ending?
- I am more satisfied than not, because we played very well, controlled the game almost completely. And, of course, after the errors that followed the penalty and the corner, the game changed dramatically. But let's not forget that we advanced from the group in the top spot, that we have won away, scoring four goals against very serious opponents, so my feelings are positive.

- Let's go back to your senses. The closing 15 minutes. Perhaps the team’s error lies in the fact that they can’t cope with some things occurring in the game, and then they cannot recover the situation?
- I can’t agree that it was present in this match. I want to repeat it: we have scored four goals away, claimed the three points and the top spot. While the goals conceded, especially the first two imply the lack of concentration. I do not know whether that penalty was actually the case. Therefore, I retain my positive evaluation of the game, we will also analyze the mistakes we made.

- Today we have seen that in the beginning of the match Bale wasn’t in his top form, but after moving more to the left he started playing much better. Why has he been so inconsistent lately?
- As you can see, today we’ve tried a lot of options involving Bale and Ronaldo. The play allowed us to do that. The players had enough space to use, while we could see them from different angles.

- We know that you do not really like getting personal, but I would like to know your opinion about the player who is very rarely mentioned in the press – that’s Modric.
- You're right, I do not like talking about some specific players. Although we do have three or four players, who are actually mentioned even less. But they are very important for Real Madrid and for maintaining a balance in the team. But I still do not want to get personal. I believe that today we should talk about the whole team, because you know my opinion: united we stand.

- Please share your secret: how did you manage at -2 in Lviv to keep warm wearing just a suit for ninety minutes?
- Actually, I don’t particularly suffer from the cold, especially when I’m focused on the match. I just do not pay any attention to it.

- After the match against Barcelona, you had many injured players. Today it happened again. How can you explain this?
- I think that's natural given so many games. Players spend a lot of time on the field, so they get injured. But at the same time we manage to make them recover rather quickly.

- In the last three games you conceded 10 goals. Is that normal? As well as the fact that today, Shakhtar have scored three goals – is that an indicator of the Pitmen’s strength or the weakness of your defence?
- In the pre-match press conference, we said that the two teams, who took to the pitch today, are strong and attacking. It’s normal when in this kind of situation they score a lot of goals.

- Pursuing the subject of 10 goals conceded. Don’t you think that Real Madrid have problems in defence?
- It is necessary to analyze every goal. What happened today is by no means a defensive error, being the result of two attacking teams’ moves. Of course, sometimes we lack concentration. It is important that we’ve scored four away goals. This is a step towards the team rehabilitation.