Darijo Srna: Now we should switch to the championship

The Pitmen’s captain answered the questions from journalists.

- Darijo, Shakhtar are likely to make it to the Europa League. Do you think about this competition? What is the team’s goal?
- We have not yet made it to the Europa League, so we will be able to say something only after the last round of group stage.

- You watched the match against Real Madrid from a stand. Can you assess the game as an onlooking player?
- It is hard to watch football from the stand! Everyone knows what it means for each player to play against Real Madrid in the Champions League. It was tough, I worried... I was upset at 0-4, but after the three goals we scored, the mood improved a bit! Still, we showed character, but, unfortunately, we are dissatisfied with the fact that we haven’t made it further. I think that this Champions League season has turned out unsuccessful.

- After the match against Real Madrid, you are to play against Uzhhorod-based Hoverla...
- The day before yesterday, Benitez was standing next to the opposition bench, while Hroznyi will be standing there now - there is a small difference ... but the three points in the league are no less important than those in the Champions League. We will be fighting for the top spot. That’s our goal! It will be a tough game against Hoverla, so the players now need to switch to the league, which is very important.