Alex Teixeira: We’ll break through!

Ahead of the match against Hoverla, Shakhtar midfielder answered the questions from journalists.

- What is the mood in the team before the match against Uzhhorod after a rather difficult encounter with Real Madrid?
- We feel fine. Yes, the meeting with Real Madrid was very emotional, but we need to get back to the domestic league. Yesterday we had a day of rest, and today we have started training – we will be getting ready.

- Shakhtar scored three goals against Real Madrid, how many goals will you net against Hoverla?
- I can’t tell you how many. For us the most important thing is winning it. The score might be 2-0, 3-0 or 1-0. Again, the main thing is winning every game.

- Alex, you missed the previous match. Will it affect your scoring streak?
- No, not at all. I feel very well: both physically and mentally. I think I will continue in the same vein and succeed at everything.

- Do you have a bar that you want to set in terms of goal-scoring in the first half of the season?
- Currently, the most important thing for us is to become champions! In general, of course, I want to break the record, scoring some 25 to 26 goals.

- You grabbed a brace against Real Madrid. Before that, there were many rumours about various proposals to you. Did you have any more after the match against Real Madrid? What can we expect in the winter?
- Only God knows what will happen tomorrow. I have two more years of contract with Shakhtar. I’ve been here so far, working with my team.

- What top clubs do you like?
- When they ask me this question, I always I answer that it’s the English Premier League. However, there is no particular team I might choose.

- Alex, why did you start scoring goals against Real Madrid not from the first minutes of the match, but just in the closing stages?
- This is football, it happens. Of course, we tried to score right away, but something did not work. And then we played increasingly better!

- Currently, we can often see Taison in midfield, he sometimes appears at your position. What do you make of his performance?
- Taison is a great player who knows how to play both in his and my role, he may well become my competitor. And I'm glad to see that he is able to prove himself in different roles – that’s very good for the team.

- Hoverla are most likely to act defensively. Are you ready for the fact that the opponents could park the bus?
- We are always ready for that! Almost every team playing against Shakhtar, play it very tight defensively, because a draw is fine with them. But we need to win only. Therefore, we will break through!