Mircea Lucescu: In fact, we'll be playing against Dynamo, and not against Hoverla

Head coach of Shakhtar responded to questions from the media.

- Mister, have the team recovered after the match against Real Madrid?
- As early as this Sunday we are expecting a completely different game – the Ukrainian league match. Even if the players have not yet recovered from the Champions League meeting, my duty is to do everything possible to make them ready the day after tomottow.

- Almost the whole squad of Hoverla consists of Dynamo reserves. Therefore, they are particularly motivated for the games against Shakhtar...
- I am sure that their motivation will be ten times bigger than in other games! In fact, we will be playing against Dynamo, and not against Hoverla. If the players are there, then, perhaps, some of them will shape the future of the Kyiv club. They hope that once some players will be leaving Dynamo, with the current Hoverla ones replacing them. Maybe our wages after the game will depend on the result. So I expect a very difficult match.

- Why doesn’t Oleksandr Gladkyy train?
- He got a bad bruise and can’t even jog at the moment. Gladkyy will not be preparing for this match.

- How are Malyshev and Gryn?
- It’s Malyshev’s first training today with the general group. Gryn has been playing with the second team so far, and will continue to do so until the end of the season. He lost a lot of time. We will try to find him a team where he will have some playing practice. Here, he is fielded rarely.

- You’ve had quite a tough talk with the team just now...
- Those are our internal problems, which we're trying to solve here, on the football field. There is a risk that someone might be happy with the 15 minutes at the end of the match against Real Madrid. I warned them about that. In the game against Madrid, we made some huge errors! So far, Brazilians are accustomed to perform just offensively, paying less attention to defence. Not all of them, of course, but the newcomers do that. For example Azevedo, who was involved in the three goals scored by Real Madrid. In the first case, he was looking at the ball, he saw Ronaldo attacking in the open space and sending one into an empty net. During scoring the second goal, he rushed onto the player, while he should have stayed calm. They sent the ball between his legs, and then Carvajal scored. So there are some performance problems that should be discussed. That’s exactly what we were doing before training. In the Ukrainian league, of course, we operate more offensively - and that’s what we are good at. While in the Champions League, we should defend as a team, know and comply with all the mechanisms of defensive nature. Rakits’kyy also made mistakes – he badly attacked players. Against such fast players as Bale and Ronaldo, we should keep a certain distance. And engage in individual challenges for the ball just when they unfold. If we stay near, any jerk by an opponent may lead to the fact that you won’t be able to mark him on. We can’t compare the speed of Ronaldo and Bale with that of Rakits’kyy – they easily raced away from Yaroslav. If we talk about the mistakes that we made in the matches with Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, I will say this: the outcome was affected not by the teamwork, but by individual errors of certain players, by their failure to comply with the principles of the game, their lack of focus, lack of concentration, sometimes their complacency, superficial approach to their duties ... The fourth goal was caused by Fred’s crossing it to midfield, immediately followed by interception and the opponents’ counterattack. Maybe I did not really expect much from Ordets, but he played all right, although made some positional mistakes. All this I’ve just discussed with the players. This is not a criticism, but just a talk to prevent such mistakes from happening in the future, for them to make certain conclusions for the future games.

- Is it true that Shakhtar take interest in Besiktas’ defender Köybaşı?
- No, nothing of the kind. The CEO of Shakhtar Sergei Palkin also recently said that in the situation we currently undergo, they will not buy any players. They observe all valid contracts with the players of Shakhtar, though there will be no newcomers. And this, I think, is normal. There is much talk around the team, but that's mostly rumours. Alongside with the recent news in the Turkish Fanatik that I am supposedly eager to work in Turkey. In actual fact, I didn’t talk to anybody! Conducted no negotiations with anyone! As soon as something happens to the coaches of the leading Turkish clubs - Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray – my name grabs the headlines immediately... In this case, the same thing has happened. Without me knowing it.