Andriy Korobenko: might-have-been gymnast

Dear fans! The latest edition of Shakhtar magazine features an exclusive interview with the Pitmen’s midfielder Andriy Korobenko. Young player speaks about the beginning of his career as well as about the Academy.

- Andriy, when did you start playing football?
- At 7. I came for my first training session at Desna Chernigiv with my mother. At that time, I had a great desire to test myself in this sport; my mother supported me, she found free time to take me there.

- And why did you choose football? Did you have a desire to try something else?
- First, I had done gymnastics for three years. But a lot of guys there loved playing football, they would take me with them, and I did not remain indifferent to it either.

- If your fate had turned out differently, what would you do?
- Like everyone else, I would seek to ensure that I have a university degree. I cannot name any particular profession, but in any case I would be active in sports – that’s how it is in my family, and I love it.

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