U19. Hoverla 0-6 Shakhtar

In a match of the 18th round of the Ukrainian U19 league, Shakhtar played an away game with Hoverla Uzhgorod.

U19 league. 18th round. November 28, 2015. Kamenyts. STK Kamelot. 1C

Hoverla U19 (Uzhgorod) - Shakhtar U19 (Donetsk) - 0:6 (0:1)

Goals: 0:1 PiKhalyonok (6), 0:2 Avagimyan (59), 0:3 Bykov (63), 0:4 Verb (76), 0:5 Tkachuk (77), 0:6 Porodko (90)

Hoverla: Cherepko, Balgar, Drozd, Vezhdel, Buda, Mashtalir, Ratsyn, Shpak (Minaylenko 46), Bobyk (Philip, 83), Galati, Antoshin

Substitutes: Dyadyuk, Budz

Head Coach: Valentin Sliusar

Shakhtar: Romanov, Yakimets, Senitskii, Shevchenko, Grachyov (Putrya, 46), Chekh, Glagola, Pikhalyonok (c), (Khachaev, 66), Bykov (Tkachuk, 71), Topalov (Porodko, 83), Avagimyan (Prodanov, 83)

Substitutes: Dubrovin, Semenikhin

Head Coach: Serhiy Kovalyov
Coaches: Gennadiy Orbu, Oleksandr Kupalnyi

Referee: Yaroslav Bits (Lviv)

Booked: Grachyov (37), Buda (32), Minaylenko (72)

Before match

Shakhtar won five out of last six games of the Ukrainian U19 league. Serhiy Kovalyov’s team continue their fight for first spot in the table, with two hands in hand.  Hoverla got 7 points in 17 rounds and are sitting rock bottom of the table.  The match in the first half of the championship saw the Pitmen claim a confident 3-0 win over the opponents.

First half

From the opening minutes, Shakhtar were focused on attacking football, and the result did not take long in coming. As early as on 7 minutes, Dmytro Topalov delivered a goal from a corner, Yuriy Senitskiy flicked the ball on for Oleksandr Pykhalyonok to make it 1-0. After that the Pitmen created a lot of goalscoring opportunities but the ball would just refuse to cross the goal line. Arthur Avagimyan sent the ball over the crossbar after trying to slot in a cross from Volodymyr Yakimets. The goalkeeper saved shots from Topalov, Bugay and Glagola. Avagimyan fired from close range but the ball again flew wide of the mark. Before the break Pikhalyonok, Bugay and Topalov had chances to score but the Pitmen scored already in the second half.

Second half

As soon as the second half kicked off, Hoverla decided to play open football too, and were quickly punished for that.  Serhiy Kovalyov’s charges extended their lead thanks to quick counterattacks. First, Oleksandr Glagola made a run down the right flank before delivering a cross into the centre of the penalty area for Arthur Avagimyan to head the ball in to make it 2-0. Then Topalov bore down on goal but the opposition defender parried away a Dmytro shot but he was unable to prevent Vladislav Bugay from seizing on the rebound to make it 3-0. After taking a little breather, Shakhtar again scored two goals, with Dmytro making two goal assists. On the first occasion, it was Oleksandr Glagola who sent the ball into the top corner, and after a minute Topalov found Orest Tkachuk inside the penalty area for the latter to send the ball in from close in. Oleksandr Prykhodko wrapped the game up. After a cross from Illya Putrya from the left flank the Pitmen’s forward headed the ball goalwards and into the far corner of the net – 6-0.

The win over Hoverla became the biggest team for Serhiy Kovalyov’s charges in the current season. Shakhtar are about to play the crucial game of the league – the away game with Dnipro, which will take place on 3 December.

Serhiy Kovalyov, Shakhtar U19 head coach:

- Unfortunately, conversion of chances is our problem, especially with such opponents as Hoverla. But we are working on it in training. I would note that we were playing on a synthetic field - good quality, but narrow. We told the guys that they had to work quickly with the ball to carve open the flanks, shoot goal wards and convert set pieces to achieve a positive result. We should have wrapped the game up in the first half. During the break, we pointed out the errors. After we scored the second goal, the opponent started to play more open, we had free zones, which we used. It was expected that the game would be hard. In the first match, Hoverla had tight defence too, it was difficult to carve them open. Our next game will take place away at Dnipro. This is probably the most important game in the autumn part of the season. We told the guys that we have nowhere to retreat, but they're all aware of that anyway.

Dmytro Topalov, Shakhtar U19 midfielder:

- In the first half, we had many chances, but were short of luck. After the break, we took to the pitch determined, got used to the pitch and converted all our chances! Not long ago we faced Illichivets, and we underestimated the opponents a bit. We realized our errors – there were not such things in the game with Hoverla. Overall, I am pleased to have helped the team by making four goal assists, although we wanted to score more… However, the most important thing is a win. Now we are getting ready for the important match with Dnipro.