U21. Hoverla vs Shakhtar: players’ views

Footballers of Donetsk team have reflected on the match in Uzhgorod.

Mykyta Bezuglyi, Shakhtar U21 defender:

- The game was difficult, even though we faced outsiders. In many respects this is due to the fact that just before the match because of the weather the pitch was changed - we played on synthetics. It was very narrow. This allowed the Hoverla to act in a compact manner, which, in turn, complicated our task - it was not easy to carve their defence open. But we managed to open the scoring before sealing a win. However, the goal we missed was quite unnecessary, because during the match we looked much better than opponents. Even at half-time with the score of 1:1 the coach asked us to play in the same spirit. He said that with this game we had to win - that's what happened. I would like to mention the actions of our captain - Shyshka, who managed to be everywhere: in defence and in attack, and I would also like to congratulate Mykyta Adamenko on returning to action, after recovering from an injury for more than six months.

Serhiy Gorbunov, Shakhtar U21:

- We knew it would be a difficult match. We played on ther synthetic field, which is slightly narrower than normal, but quickly got used to it. I think we showed good football: throughout the game we possessed the ball and achieved positive results. The only upset was when the opponents managed to equalise... But we learn from mistakes. During the break, we were talking about how important would be to score our next goal. And so it happened: we scored after a streamlined combination and then everything fell into place.

Mykyat Adamenko, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- Today, I took to the pitch for the first time after a long break due to injury. I would like to thank the coaching staff for the trust and for giving me the necessary practice. Now my health is good, I feel fine. I will continue to actively go into the game, I hope I can help the team in most games. As we expected, Hoverla defended well. Narrow field helped them in this. We tried to follow the coaching instructions – take shots goal ward frequently. The game, of course, was difficult for us. It is good that we took three points.