Mircea Lucescu: Scoreline corresponds to difference in class

Head coach of Shakhtar answered the questions from journalists after defeating Hoverla.

- I'm happy with the way we played – in difficult conditions, on a heavy pitch. On this kind of field, it is difficult to play fluid football, but we tried to do that, we scored goals and interacted as much as the pitch turf allowed it. The hosts tried to cut us off spaces. Not everything worked for them - especially after we scored the second goal, with them being unable to come up with anything else against us. It’s a pity that we played in such conditions. I said it before: here, in Uzhhorod, they should bring the field in order to improve drainage. Hoverla deserve a wholly different attitude. They are the team with traditions, who brought up lots of good players, so the quality of the pitch deserves better than it is today. The young footballers play here. Naturally, they display their football, when they need to challenge for the ball, combine it and play offensively, but it is very difficult to do that on this kind of pitch. What happened is just a regular thing. The score corresponds to the difference in the teams’ class. Although we expected a more challenging game, the difference in class was too explicit today.

- Why have you decided to hold the next match in Odesa?
- We do not want to ruin the pitch in Lviv completely: national teams played there, plus we still should receive the opponents there next year. If we loosen and damage it now like in Uzhhorod today, then it will be very difficult to recover it in the spring. We still have many games to play. I hope that we will continue playing in European competitions, so it is necessary to preserve the pitch both for us and the national team.