Vyacheslav Groznyi: We shipped four goals ourselves

Hoverla’s head coach has commented on the match with Shakhtar.

- I really understood that we played with a top team, which this season has scored five goals against Dynamo: two in the Super Cup and three in the championship. Shakhtar scored seven goals against Zorya, four against Volyn, three – Real Madrid and so on, you know better than me. Until that day, they scored only 41 goals in the championship. Almost all their players represent various national teams and are top players. What can be done? We have to learn from this team, not allow them to play, as I said in an interview. Because it is very hard to play against such a team. It is just a completely different level. They almost do not lose the ball, they are fast and technical. We tried to build the following scheme to make for you easier to navigate. Here's a look: three central defenders - Yagodinskis, Lukhtanen, Ryashko...This is to ensure that the distance between them was not so (because we were not on a par in terms of pace), so that they could cover. And here Gemega, who make a good pass and Tsurikov. Lyulka with Chumak in the holding midfield zone, and three players: Hlebas - Serhiychuk - Kuzyk - that's the way. I removed a player who played off the striker – there was no need in him, we were not going to dominate. Why was there such a situation? In order to, firstly, for Teixeira with Ferreira not be in one vs one situations, when they advance forward. They cannot cope. For our guys to have a player, who would cover them. When defenders interplay. Or against Marlos we create two in one - the closest player covers. Similarly, in the opposite situation. So we blocked and flanks and the central zone. But excuse me, when in the first half, we brought four goals themselves... However, I talked to Lyulka, telling him to play the ball, not hit it back. The referee made a mistake. But it is not the case, still we should not have conceded from a free kick. Our goalkeeper Arthur Rudko had a nervous game. He told me during a break: "Excuse me, my game is not up to the mark." In many matches, he came to rescue us, we must give him credit for that. But there are such games. We missed, but we showed enough character to score and make it 1-1. But I did not think that Serhiychuk would score an own goal. What was the point of waving? Just knock the ball. I did not think that Ferreyra would score as a result of poor actions from Ryashko. I did not think that no one would mark Marlos, with the goalkeeper parrying the shot away straight to him. We’re responsible for conceding all four goals! And the game effectively ended in the first half. At half-time I said, of course, you're afraid. Of course, the level of players is very high. But why do you not do what we have agreed? If a cross comes from the flank, Mykhailo, you have to play with Facundo to get on the ball first - and there will be no problems. And if you stand behind him, then nothing happens, he will play. With Marlos, you need to play to the end - I know who had to do it. I just do not want to talk about  it... For many guys, this is a great school, a great master class. A few days ago they played against Real Madrid and scored three goals, and now we have to play against them. We have seen that the level of players is the highest. Of course, given that Chelsea and other clubs offer big money for Teixeira. Douglas Costa was sold to Bayern, and he is one of their leaders, Fernandinho is one of the leaders at Manchester City, Willian is first-team player at Chelsea, Adriano, I think, scored for Milan yesterday ... Top footballers. And in our case, let's be honest, we have kids, who have no experience of games in the Premier League. I talked to Lucescu before the game and I said, "You promised to give Gryn”, he replied: "Yes, but he got injured. I, of course, am ready to give players in winter, because you have the opportunity for young player to play”. For me it is important that the youngsters play. Maybe not only me. I'm ready. "Well done to Dynamo , who - he says – gave you a large group of players”. Of course, they have no experience. He says, “Teixeira needed a couple of years to deliver’. Bernard - too. And you want with kids... You have already had good matches held. " "I watched - he says - your games. In you’re your matches referees somewhere ... Let's just say, when you were playing in Poltava: Dallku should have been removed, yes - it was the second yellow and Vorskla should have been punished with a penalty kick. Everyone saw it. He says: "I have seen many matches, you played very well on counter-attacks, showed good game..." We were talking before the game. And I said: "Psychologically it is very difficult. You are a very great team to them. " It is very difficult for boys to play against Shakhtar, Dynamo, Dnipro and Zorya. These are high-class teams, players are fast, skilful... The young guys need to play at least one year together. They are still children, they have not played senior football. Now the guys have a good school. You've seen: even Ryashko made a few mistakes, and I did not replace him - but why? When will he get such an experience? Never, if I don’t give him the opportunity to play in these games! I could bring on Kutas, Ivanov... But in this case Ryashko would never get such practices. I'm not afraid. It is better if Ryashko gets the necessary school and will move on. Yes, it is easier to play with Acakpo, Kocsis and the rest, Sharpar, Shatskikh and Feshchuk – top players. And these are the kids who make their first football steps. I talked to them and said, "Do you see the difference? They do everything faster. They are fast! They are more skilful and work on the football field entirely different. Therefore, they play for Shakhtar in the UEFA Champions League and for their national teams. If you want to grow to the level of Dynamo Kyiv you have long distance to cover. Both Rebrov and Surkis watch how you play in each match. How would you get there? Buyalsky has gone all the way, Myakushko and Makarenko! He will give you the opportunity to understand due to what you will be able to progress. " One game with Shakhtar will give more than a dozen of mediocre games: it can be seen all at once - this is a litmus paper! When we, unfortunately, scored an own goal, I rebuilt the game. I put Lukhtanov on the right flank to make a bank of four defenders and sent Gemega into the central triangle. At this point, we played football, as in all games. In the second half there were fewer mistakes, but we still made them: we conceded a penalty kick and gave the Pitmen an opportunity. If the players were experienced, I would have spoken to them harshly, but because they are children... I'm somewhat sorry that they were under great pressure from a serious club in the football sense, a monster that does not forgive any half mistakes ! Even if the first half ended 1:1, we would still lose. Nothing would have been different. The field was the same for both teams. But for us it is difficult because the pitch is good for those faster and enjoy more working with a ball. Footballers often looked too heavy because of the field, their feet would stuck there. But Shakhtar think faster than us and cope thanks to passes. We did not have that level of skill yet. Someone will eventually get to Dynamo, and someone will never get there and will be loaned. Everyone cannot play for Shakhtar and Dynamo! I have already said: Boyko became the first-team goalkeeper for Dnipro, he got into the team and reached the final of the Europa League. The same applies to Zozulya. Seleznyov – he is one of the leaders of Dnipro and scored a lot of goals. Rotan played a little for Dynamo, but he became the leader at Dnipro. This is normal. Before the match, we had a long conversation with Mircea Lucescu on the development of Ukrainian football. He strongly supports a 16- team format! He said: "Grozny, there should be 16 teams! Ukraine is a great football industry and the federation must do everything. " Lucescu gave the example of Italy, if some kind of club did not receive money, the federation would intervene, acts as a guarantor and pay. the preferences are found via the state... In Spain, when a number of clubs did not receive money, Barcelona and Real Madrid suspended the championship and said: "We will not play matches, unless the debts to the clubs are paid." I can only say: "Bravo!" Shakhtar and Dynamo have to be initiators. They are able to do what Real Madrid and Barcelona did. Then we won’t have cases when someone does not want to come out on the field and someone doesn’t receives wages for six months. Yesterday we saw that Metallist could not come out for the match in Oleksandriya. I understand and support all the teams, all the coaches, players and those who invest. A person, who invests in football, should receive preferences from the government! And now what? Politically, economically - or you just love, or you are a patriot. But the state should do something for these people: to give interest-free loans, which will be used only for the development of football and sport, not business development. Many things can be done. But if the state will not go forward... We will have fewer teams in the league. Who might benefit from this? Everyone loses. I am surprised that there were so few fans. I said, well, you do not want to attend Hoverla, believing that this a Nestor Shufrych team. Although it is Zakaprattya’s football! But Messi is not a graduate of the Catalan football: he is the Argentinian - playing for Barcelona, and people come and watch him. Cristiano Ronaldo is Portuguese: fans of Real Madrid, the royal club, come and applaud him. If not them, the team would not have been in the Premier League. And perhaps nowhere else. Well, you do not want to attend Hoverla, so come and watch Shakhtar. You can do it only on television. Today, Shakhtar fielded the first-team, serious, solid. Why do not you come? I always say that love for football - love in words but not in deeds. Maybe Teixeira will soon leave for Chelsea and you will not see him anymore, only on TV. I am advocating that it should be step by step. Why someone has to pay, if the owners of the club no longer have business, there are big problems? The state should create conditions for people in which they can earn money and invest in football. And not just in football - in sport, culture and so on. But there will be no one to invest, if they are treated like that.

- You recently initiated innovations in Ukrainian football. For example, the normal time as in hockey, increase the number of substitutions. Can such innovations work in our case?
- Thank you for a very good question. This should have been done in football even 20-30 years ago, and not engage in corruption. They had no time for football, officials were interested in other aspects. Today, unfortunately, they are not interested in football. Someone hears coaches, players? For the entire match ball is in play for no more than 60 minutes. Who is satisfied? None. Why only three substitutions? Who came up with that? In all sports can be carried out any number of substitutions. Why do I train 23-25 ​​players, and I can use a maximum of 14? What about the rest? What an unlimited number of substitutions would change? Judges and those in charge of them, do not want to be normal time. They want time to depend on them. They do not want to raise the plates 20 times per game. So what? What can it change? Their salary is still good. Moreover, I believe that we need to make a differentiated system of a professional foul. If the foul is outside the penalty area, a red card with the right of the player replacement. If the foul is inside the penalty area – penalty kick and a yellow card. Further, two yellow cards - a red card with the right of player’s replacement. Direct red card is the removal with non-replacement. Is it possible to do? Of course. In friendly matches all the teams play so, and that's okay. The intensity of the games would have been different.  After the first half, I could change seven or eight players, for example. In many countries, 23 players get into the match squad: 20 outfield players and three goalkeepers. This is a normal situation. And we have a match with Zorya when Rudko was removed and we conceded a penalty kick. We concede a goal, and I have already made replacements, I have to put Kutas in goal. This is wrong, it should not have been. Firstly, Rudko was shown a yellow card. And even if the red, there should be a right for replacement. The intensity of the game would have been different. The officials are resisting, they do not want to change anything. I say: let's do so that Ukrainian referees have a good practice abroad. Let's at least give the opportunity to foreign referees to work in Ukraine. Let it be not just English referees, but also Czech, Moldovan, Romanian and so on – not expensive referees. Suppose he comes to work and leave. Corruption component will disappear. In football we have not made reforms. The last innovations involved a professional foul, and goalkeepers who could not handball after receiving a pass from their own players. Offside is so differentiated that the referees do not know what to do. Because the rule was imposed: If the defender touched the ball, bounced - this is not offside. Firstly, it cannot be seen whether he touched it or not. And secondly, how defence should play? The players do not know whether or not to create offside trap. They try to create the offside trap, but the ball hits a defender and bounces, and this is not considered offside. It is not right. Previously, it was clear that if at the time of the shot a football player is offside, the referee whistles. There was no such thing as passive or active offsides. Now the referees stand above the clubs’ coaches and players. They have to serve them and not stand over someone. You arrive at the restaurant - the waiter serves you. He has to bring you what you asked for, and not to interfere with you enjoying your time. Referees do their best for their importance in football to be very high. Anyway, the situation will change. There will be video replays. For a long time all sports have switched to this procedure, but the most conservative one - football. Everyone is afraid of change, because the role of officials and referees will be less. You rightly asked. The more journalists talk about it, the better. And there should be 16 teams. In addition, is it normal that only three substitutions are allowed at U21 and U19 level? It is now allowed to make 5 subs in U21 league, after we, the coaches, raised that issue in the federation. It is not right. Why not let the children play? Let them learn. The U19 and U21 are in mess. Ready for both groups not to play. Many of the games in Ukraine  at this level are infected with such a thing  as betting, for example. It is good that Andriy Pavelko and a group of deputies lobbied the law on fighting corruption in the sport, including football. It is lustration of referees for match-fixing and betting - criminal responsibility and life-long suspension from the sport. Super! I support and applaud with both hands. However, a lot of that is declared in the political circles of Ukraine, but it is not done. Everyone knows who stands behind some people and who provides the “roof”, what money flows are derived from the country and what offshores they are heading to. But nobody does anything, everyone can only talk nicely. In key positions we have to have foreigners. We have everything so mired in football that one cannot go against. Friends, brothers cannot blame each other. They want to have a handheld attorney general, who will do all that is necessary. You all can see for yourself. It doesn’t only apply to football, but we see that happening in the country. If the political elite starts improving, it will move to economic levers, and this will allow the sport and people to live normally. If we know how much gas production costs in Ukraine and see the sums we have to pay when receive the bills. This not normal. Tariff Maidan? Someone was promised a position for it to be over? They should not cheat, because people suffer because of such things, when they receive bills, when there are no pensions, no salaries, nothing. No need to bring the people to despair. It is necessary to do everything to have jobs, organise so that all pay taxes. Make a small tax, everything will come out of the shadows. Everyone knows what to do, but want to do it for them. Who comes to power, immediately sets up the system for himself. Soon there will be no parliamentary-presidential but presidential-parliamentary republic. Because the president wants to appoint the attorney general. It should not be. The Constitution says that our country is a parliamentary-presidential republic. I speak honestly about football and politics. But there is no action. No one is punished for the shooting at the Maidan and killing the Nebesna Sotnya. And those, who they promise to punish, have left the country, they were given the opportunity to escape. And so, unfortunately, in many respects.