Laurent Blanc: Shakhtar caused us biggest problems this season

At the post-match press conference, the coach of PSG responded to questions from the media.

- Laurent, please tell us whether it’s been the most successful game for your team this season?
- Probably, the most important and successful. Against such opponents as Shakhtar, we managed to achieve a decent result. We excellently played defensively and offensively, sometimes sacrificing the offensive performance for the sake of defence. The opponents caused us the biggest problems we have faced this season. I am very happy with my team, alongside the result and the game.

- Possession 50 to 50, Shakhtar produced twice as many shots on goal as PSG did, the game pattern changed significantly after the break. Were you concerned about it?
- The statistics does not always correctly reflect the course of the match. Yes, we’ve had fewer shots on target, but we had more real scoring opportunities. I am very pleased with the intensity of the game. As for being concerned ... For as long as the score remained 2-0, I was worried, as we needed a third goal. Because in the second half Shakhtar players managed to change the game pattern, they have caused us numerous problems. When we scored for the third time, the tension was gone. Overall, I’m just delighted at the effective performance of my players. I regret the wasted scoring opportunities, but everything was still decided in our favour.

- Last year, PSG acquired Serge Aurier, who began to progress. Are you happy with his performance?
- Yes, we have long wanted to get this footballer from Toulouse. It took him quite a long while to adapt with us, but recently he began scoring. For his contribution to tonight’s win, I would like to thank Serge and generally greet my defensive players for the way they were formed and organised in the match.

- In the first games PSG claimed two victories, just like Real Madrid. Therefore, the meetings with Madrid will be crucial and interesting to you?
- Quite true. But we still have a lot of time before the encounters with Real Madrid. Let me enjoy today's win and get mentally prepared for the match against Marceille, which will be held this coming Sunday. I agree that Real Madrid is a great club, but today we’ve been opposed by a very powerful team either.

- What do you make of Ibrahimovic’s performance today?
- I would not single out any of the players, I’m happy with the whole team, with the way we prepared for this match. I said the day before: those who better organise their defensive performance, will win. Which actually happened. We put much effort into defending our goal, at times sacrificing, again, our attacking performance. Nevertheless, we created scoring opportunities through converting the first two chances. Ibrahimovic notched up the third goal, which allowed us to seal the win. Still today, I want to highlight just the entire team.