Fred: We’re ready for Chornomorets to change tactics

On the eve of the match with the Odesa side, the Pitmen’s midfielder granted an interview to the official website.

- Fred, comparing matches with Real Madrid and PSG, whom was it more difficult with?
- Both teams are top class, which, we could say, reached the sky. It was hard with both of them. But personally, for me it was more difficult to play against Di Maria.

- Many experts named you one of the best players at Shakhtar at the end of the match against PSG. Does it mean that now you understand the team’s game well and interplay with the team-mates accordingly?
- I think so. I feel that I am starting to get used to Shakhtar’s style of play; I play better and better with each game. Most importantly, I must continue making progress. Now during each training session I try to practice dribbling, as well as long and short passing. This is a very important component of football.

- The difficult match-up in the Champions League, after a couple of days you will face Chornomorets... Do the team have enough time to recover?
- Physically, I do, and the guys are ready. Although mentally we are still upset because of the defeat ... But we are professionals: it is necessary to hold the head up high and gear up for another game. No matter, who the opponents are. The main thing is that we have a goal - the league title! And to achieve it every detail matters. It is necessary to win every match.

- Chernomorets have different first and second halves: the team periodically change tactics - from a defensive to a more offensive and vice versa. Do you expect that in the upcoming match?
- We know about this. Therefore, we try to focus on the game. Once Chornomorets change tactics, we will immediately take appropriate action. Chornomorets are a strong team. There are no weak opponents in the Ukrainian league. We can remember our previous match with Olimpik, for example! Before the game, many people were also saying that it would be easy for Shakhtar. And in fact it turned out to be a tough game!

- You have been called up to the Brazil national Olympic team again. What does it mean for you?
- I am very happy! After the story, when I was accused of doping, the national team call-up proved to be huge moral and psychological support for me. This means that they believe me! And I will do my best to prove that I am really innocent and I didn’t use anything. I rely only on myself, and do everything possible to be useful for the team. I am glad that there, in distant Brazil, they follow the Ukrainian league, Shakhtar and our players!