U21. Shakhtar vs Chornomorets: players’ view

After the match, Shakhtar U21 players have shared their views.

Mykyta Bezuglyi, Shakhtar U21 defender:

- Our central defenders always move into the opposition penalty area during corner kicks – today we finally scored, two goals. In the first half, the game did not pan out well for our team. Coaches were confident that if we score at least once in the second half, we will surely score more goals. That’s how Chornomorets play: viscous game in defence. And for us it was a good lesson. You cannot take today's win for granted; there are probably not enough emotions left to rejoice. And of the course, such victories make our character stringer.

Artyom Gabelok, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- The opponents were defending with an entire team, and it was hard to carve that defence open. Besides, Chornomorets used well counterattacks. The second goal we conceded upset us a lot, but in a during the half time break, there was a conversation with the boys, we analysed the errors, regrouped. The second half saw a completely different game. The task was to control the ball, with immediately trying to recover the ball after losing it, and score. In the second half I had to operate as a holder, but I still made a goal assist today which is nice as the team’s victory.

Artyom Ivanov, Shakhtar U21 midfielder:

- Perhaps, it was difficult to believe that what we can fight back from 0-2, but the coach encouraged us at half time. He said that we had to play for each other, believe in the success. Our first goal was important. We scored two in a row! And then we failed to build on that straight away. Still, fatigue took its toll, but substitutions helped us today freshen the game up. We have not yet thought about the next match against Dynamo – there are two weeks to go, we will get ready for it.