Alex Teixeira – the best in September

Traditionally, at the end of the month, Shakhtar’s official site held a poll to determine the best player at Shakhtar. 10 former Shakhtar players took part in the poll, as well as the same number of media representatives and visitors of the official site. A player got 1 point for each vote from an ex-Pitmen player and a journalist, for third place – 2 points, for second and first – 3 and 5 respectively.

Shakhtar’s former players:

Oleksandr Babiy - Alex Teixeira
Olexiy Bakharev - Alex Teixeira
Yuriy Virt - Yaroslav Rakitskiy
Andriy Vorobey - Alex Teixeira
Yuri Gulyaev - Alex Teixeira
Yuri Dudinskiy - Yaroslav Rakitskiy
Igor Dybchenko - Alex Teixeira
Oleksandr Koval - Yaroslav Rakitskiy
Serhiy Kravchenko - Yaroslav Rakitskiy
Valeriy Rudakov - Yaroslav Rakitskiy


Alex Teixeira – 5 points
Yaroslav Rakitskiy – 5 points

As for the visitors of the site, 280 took part in the poll. Yaroslav Rakitskiy finished third – 34 (12,14%) respondents named him the best. This result gives 2 points for overall ranking. Second place goes to Vyacheslav Shevchuk – 37 (13, 21%) points – 3 points. Alex Teixeira finished first. 106 (37,86%) gave their thoughts, and this is 5 points for the Brazilian in the overall ranking.


Pavlo Bulakh,, chief editor - Taras Stepanenko
Dmytro Kushnir, Sports-arena newspaper, columnist - Alex Teixeira
Sergiy Bondarenko, Ukrainskyi futbol, chief editor - Alex Teixeira
Roman Klimenko, Futbol magazine, reporter - Alex Teixeira
Oleksandr Tkach,, chief editor - Alex Teixeira
Oleksandr Gaponenko,, chief editor - Alex Teixeira
Ruslan Mezhenskiy, Komsomolska Pravda in Ukraine, editor of sports department - Viktor Kovalenko
Viktor Sokolov, Futbol channel, observer - Alex Teixeira
Kostantyn Dultsev, National Radio Company of Ukraine, observer - Alex Teixeira
Eduard Kinzerskiy, Segodnya newspaper, sports observer - Alex Teixeira


Alex Teixeira – 8 points
Taras Stepanenko – 1 point
Viktor Kovalenko – 1 point

Summing up the overall rankings, Taras Stepanenko and Viktor Kovalenko got 1 point, Vyacheslav Shevchuk – 3 points, Yaroslav Rakitskiy – 7 points. Alex Teixeira has been named the best player of September with 18 points!