DUFL: goal feel

As part of the DUFL, 3 October, the Pitmen U14 and U16 entertained UFK Kharkiv, and Shakhtar U15 and U17 faced Monolit Kyiv away from home.

In the game against UFK Kharkiv the Pitmen’s younger team took the game under their control immediately. The opponents periodically tried to organise counterattacks, but the Pitmen’s attacks were much more dangerous. The goals did not take long coming. On 12 minutes, Abdulla Abdulaev found himself in a good position to send the ball in. The closing stages of the first half also saw goals. This time Abdulaev put Leon Gladkovskyi through on goal for the latter to make it 2-0. However, in the beginning of the second half the visitors brought intrigue back into the game, converting a free kick. The Kharkiv side were unable to fight back. On 53 minutes, energetic Abdulaev put the game beyond the opponents’ reach.

Shakhtar U14 head coach Andriy Zabolotnyi has reflected on the game:

- We told the boys to control the ball, they did that. Overall, the team combined well. We made a number of changes during the half time break, but those players did not go into the game straight away. We conceded a goal after a set piece, but however then the team managed to pull themselves together to score their third goal. The scoreline could have been much bigger in our favour, but in the first half the opposition goalkeeper made a number of saves, and in the second many of our shots flew wide of the target. I would also note that the boys who come on as subs should understand: you have to enter the game from the first minutes.

Shakhtar U14 (Donetsk) - UFK Kharkiv U14 (Kharkiv) - 3:1 (2:0)

Goals for Shakhtar: Abdullaev (12), Gladkovsky (28), Abdullayev (53)

Shakhtar U14: Trubaevskiy, Potalov (Kondratenko, 50), Shish, Avdeyev, Alizadeh (Zaitsev, 31) Kobzar (Umanets, 31), Kobylyansky, Tkachenko (Savchenko, 31) Kurtsev (Plaksa, 31), Abdullayev, Gladkovsky (Maslov, 58)

Head coach: Igor Leonov
Coach: Andriy Zabolotny

In the younger group, Shakhtar took control of the game from the opening minutes. Shakhtar spent a lot of time in the opponents’ half of the pitch. Kyryl Vishnyakov and Yegor Vyachistyi had good chances, but failed to put them away. The second half was decisive in this game. As early as on 43 minutes, Bohdan Pribluda put his team in front, and after four minutes Bogdan went on to seal his brace. After scoring goals, the Pitmen continued going forward, without giving the visitors chances for actions in response. Another dangerous chance from the Pitmen resulted in a goal by Vyshistyi, after three minutes it was Dmytro Prokopchuk who scored a goal. Before the end of the game Pribluda against got on the scoresheet, sealing his hat trick on 68 minutes. Vyachistyi’s second goal of the match nine minutes from time wrapped the game up.

- In the first half our team were nervous, we made a lot of errors, - Shakhtar U16 head coach Gennadiy Zubov has reflected on the match. – We had a number of good chances, but failed to convert them. After the half time break we made a number of changes and immediately scored a few goals. We will analyse why not everything worked out well for us in the first half and will move on. We thanked the boys for the game and congratulated on the win.

Shakhtar U16 (Donetsk) - UFK Kharkiv U16 (Kharkiv) - 6:0 (0:0)

Goals: Pribluda (43), Pribluda (47), Vyachisty (54), Apanchuk (57), Pribluda (68). Vyachisty (71)

Shakhtar U16: Gursky (Rumyantsev, 65), Korjakin, Belokur, Shushko (Taloverov 65), Dobrokhotov (Chmirev 40), Nazarenko, Apanchuk (Prokopchuk, 70), Liskov (Baydaev 70), Vishnyakov (Pribluda 40), Maksimenko (Litovchenko, 40), Vyachisty

Head coach: Gennadiy Zubov
Coach: Oleksandr Alimov                                  

In the match of the youngest teams between Shakhtar U15 and Monolit the goals were pouring in. Maksym Golik opened the scoring on 3 minutes. After almost five minutes Oleksandr Ladeyko’s charges again organised an attacking move that led to a goal from Golik. On 24 minutes, the Pitmen’s dominance was extended. This time Dejan Fedoruk seized on the rebound to send the ball in. Monolit were just defending in numbers without posing much threat. The Pitmen kept making the situation more dangerous in the final third and converting goal scoring chances. Before the half time break Golik and Bodnya scored to make it 5-0 after the first half. In the second half of the match Shakhtar kept dictating the game. On 41 minutes Golik sealed his fourth goal, and on 55 minutes the goal was scored by Olexiy Sidorov. The closing stages of the match were also rich in goals. First Egor Morozov netted the Pitmen’s eight goal, and after a minute Sidorov hit the target from a comfortable position. Golik again scored to wrap the game up. On 65 minutes, Maksym got on the scoresheet to seal his penta trick in the match.

- We totally dominated proceedings, creating many chances, - Shakhtar U15 head coach Oleksandr Ladeyko has commented on. – The opponents could not do anything. We scored a lot of goals today, but issues regarding our conversion of chances remain. Overall, there are things to work on. We will gear up and prepare for the next match.

Monolit U15 (Kyiv) - Shakhtar U15 (Donetsk) - 0:10 (0:5)

Goals: Golik (3), Golik (6), Fedoruk (24), Golik (29), Bodnya (33), Golik (41), Sidorov (55), Morozov (63), Sidorov (64), Golik (65 )

Shakhtar U15: Trubin (Egorchenko, 54), Dubko, Kharchenko (Aussi, 36), Snisar (Belkin, 54), Prokha (Biblic, 36), Fedoruk (Babenko, 36), Bodnya (Dyakov, 36), Pelipak ( Sidorov, 36), Morozov, Kabrel, Golik

Head coach: Oeksandrr Ladeyko
Coach: Oscar Ratulutra

The older team of the Pitmen did not feel the opponents out either. Straight after working the ball the Pitmen launched an attacking move, fed Maksym Andryuschenko who fired the ball into the back of the net on 37 seconds of the match. After almost five minutes Shakhtar organised another attacking move. Oleksiy Kaschuk made a run down the flank, delivered the ball into the penalty area for it to take deflection and fly into the net. On 27 minutes, Kaschuk still managed to score, when netted the Pitmen’s third goal. The opponents failed to cope with our team, with the Pitmen, on the contrary, scoring a goal right before the half time break thanks to an effort from Dmytro Pavlish to make it 4-0. After the half time break the game remained the same. The Pitmen continued energetically going forward. In the first attack Oleg Vakulenko got on the scoresheet. In the next episode Vakulenko again darted into the opposition penalty area only to be brought down with infringement of rules. Vladislav Kuzmenko converted a penalty. In the remaining time our team scored four more goals thanks to Andryschenko, Kuzmenko and Dmytro Bodnaruk twice.

- In the previous game Dynamo Kyiv beat Monolit 8-0, so we set the task of scoring no fewer goals, - Shakhtar U17 head coach Valeriy Rudakov has reflected on the game. – There were instructions to play aggressively and score a plenty of goals. Today the conversion of chances was almost perfect but there were episodes when we could have scored more. I would highlight the whole team, the boys did well in the attack. Kuzmenko had a good game after recovering from an injury. It was important for him to feel the taste of goals. Now we are going to prepare for a very important game with Dnipro.

Monolit U17 (Kyiv) - Shakhtar U17 (Donetsk) - 0:10 (0:4)

Goals: Andryushchenko (1), own goal (5), Kashchuk (27), Pavlish (38), Vakulenko (41), Kuzmenko (42, pen.), Andryushchenko (66), Bodnaruk (71), Kuzmenko (78), Bodnaruk (80)

Shakhtar U17: Vertey (Hmelovsky, 51), Losev, Mate, Sobolevskiy, Pavlish (Koval, 68), Serdyuk (Yakovets, 58), Kashchuk (Bodnaruk, 60), Gaivan, Kuzmenko, Vakulenko, Andryushchenko

Head coach: Valeriy Rudakov
Coach: Oeksandr Koval