Shakhtar vs Chornomorets: players’ view

Players of the Donetsk team have reflected on the victory over Chornomorets Odesa.

Bernard, Shakhtar midfielder:

- I am happy that I am improving from game to game. It is natural to try, learn, even if things do not work out well for you. I remember I had such a period at Atletico Mineiro. But then everything will pan out. I'm sure if I just work hard, I will succeed at Shakhtar too! But today, I am happy not only about that: it is great that our team won! We played after a hard match of the Champions League, but the most important thing is to be motivated to win every game, regardless of the tournament. Yes, the Champions League has its own special highlight: the whole world is watching, so I want to prove myself even better. But the Ukrainian league is also very important: we want to win finish first! The next immediate task is to be in optimal shape before for the Dynamo game.

Anton Kanibolotskyy, Shakhtar’s goalkeeper:

- It is always nice to take to the pitch in the starting line-up, feeling the coach’s trust. Today, I had to play with my feet. But I didn’t have much work. After a game in the Champions League game, Mister made squad changes to keep the team fresh. And in order to play well in a good rhythm, one needs to refresh the team. Moreover, every player knows his duties and performs them in a quality manner. Yes, I made a lot of tips to the boys, but it is common practice.

Mykola Matvienko, Shakhtar’s defender:

- I am very glad that the coaching staff has given me a place in the starting line-up. The team supported me, without exception, they helped. Nevertheless, I was still a little nervous. In general, I found understanding with Oleksandr Kucher, he also told me a few things during the match. Oleksandr is an experienced player, it comes from confidence. We covered for each other like central defenders should do. If one of us goes forward, the other one stays behind. I am also pleased that we have now managed to win without conceding goals. In the locker room we congratulated each other and wished everyone good luck on international duty.