Shakhtar took part in international summit

On 5 and 6 October, Berlin is hosting an international forum Global Summit Football Performance & Science, which is organised by the Aspire Academy. Shakhtar U21 head coach Miguel Cardoso is taking part in this forum.

The event as part of the programme Aspire in the World Fellows, which allows representatives of football cubs around the world and federations to discuss current trends in the development of the game and touch on many issues in the informal atmosphere, is held for the first time. A year ago, Paris played host to a similar meeting. This time the experts have gathered in the capital of Germany.

The speakers at this year’s summit involved representatives of Juventus, Manchester United, Everton, Tottenham, Feyenoord, Zenit, Milan, Inter, Atletico, Ajax, Sporting, Porto and other clubs. Recognised professionals of such level as Juan Sebastian Veron, Stefan Effengebrg and Borussia Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel have shared their views on various subjects with the participants.

- This is the second event of the programme Aspire in the World Fellows, a concept developed by the Aspire Academy from Qatar, - Miguel Cardoso says. - Its purpose is to gather on a regular basis representatives of 50 top clubs and federations in order to discuss football subjects. It's an incredible concept of work and this year the topics under discussion are "Training Plan Strategies for Youth Development", "Mental Enhancement", "Soft Tissues Injury Prevention" and “Applied Methodology on the Integration of Technical/Tactical and Physical Training".

According to Shakhtar U21 head coach, the forum is a great opportunity to meet, share expertise and interact with with high-profile experts from all over the world.

- It is important to share knowledge, discuss models of work and get acquainted with the most modern training methodologies, science development and topics under concern in the international football community, - Miguel Cardoso notes. - Prof. Valter di Salvo had this idea that Qatar and Aspire Academy took in hands. For Shakhtar it's an honor to enter this circle of analysis not only because it allows us to discuss our ideas but also because it means that in this questions we are among the elite of football.