Shakhtar away from home: infographics

The match between Shakhtar and Chornomorets has become the Pitmen’s 30th nominal home game away from Donbass Arena. We offer you to compare the teams’ results with their statistics in the previous 30 games on the home ground.

The Pitmen’s results have deteriorated after losing their pitch Mircea Lucescu’s charges got three wins less that during the same interval at Donbass Arena, losing 4 times and playing out 7 draws.

Obviously, the amount of points claimed in the domestic league has reduced too – 80% against 89,4%. Considering matches in all the competitions, there has been a decline from 78,8% to 71,1%.

Shakhtar’s total scoring record has decreased too: 64 away goals (2,13 per game) against 78 (2,53 per game) – in Donetsk.  Interesting fact: during one Ukrainian league campaign at Donbass Arena the team scored as many goals as during thirty matches in all the competitions at other venues.

Almost equal results in the European competitions: the Pitmen played 7 games in Lviv and Donetsk, claiming 2 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. The games at Arena Lviv saw a bit more goals: 12 against 10 at Donbass Arena.

However, even these results are overshadowed by the attendance figures. At Donbass Arena, 3 times more fans visited Shakhtar’s games than in nominal home games in Lviv, Kyiv, Cherkasy and Odesa. As for the Ukrainian league, the average attendance fell by more than 5 times.