DUFL: round of contradictions

In the matches of the DUFL, the Pitmen U14 and U16 played away games with MFC Kremin, and Shakhtar U15 and U17 entertained Dnipro.

In the game with Kremin the Pitmen’s younger team started the game with energetic performance in the attacking third. The result did not take long in coming – as early as on nine minutes, Denis Svityukha put the Pitmen in front. Such developments forced the opponents to change their tactics and turn to attacking football, which played into Shakhtar’s hands. The Pitmen capitalized on free zones, and on 24 minutes, thanks to Leon Gladkovskyy, they managed to cement their lead, and in the next attack Abdula Abdulaev made it 3-0. After the break, the overall picture of the game remained the same. The Pitmen dominated proceedings and continued proving that with goals. On 35 minutes, Abdulaev again found himself in a good position to send the ball into the back of the net. The Pitmen kept on scoring, with Roman Shysh and Oleksandr Kurtsev also finding the net.

Shakhtar U14 head coach Andriy Zabolotnyi has reflected on the game:

- We totally controlled the game, creating goal-scoring chances. We could have won with a greater result. The boys tried to follow the instructions, there were not episodes when somebody would stop and feel complacent, despite the fact that the opponents are weaker than us. We were pleased with the quality of the game. We managed to score an early goal, Kremin had to play more open football, we seized on our chances and created a comfortable lead. We carved the opposition defence open well.

MFK Kremin U14 (Kremenchuk) - Shakhtar U14 (Donetsk) - 0:6 (0:3)

Goals: Svityukha (9), Gladkovsky (24), Abdullayev (26), Abdullayev (35), Shysh (44), (Kurtz 55)

Shakhtar U14: Turbaevskyi, Potalov (Tkachenko, 31), Shysh, Avdeyev, Alizadekh (Zaitsev, 31), Maslov (Kobzar, 31), Kobylyanskyi (Umanets, 31), Savchenko, Svityukha (Kurtz 31), Abdullayev, Gladkovsky (Plaksa, 40)

Head coach: Igor Leonov
Coach: Andriy Zabolotnyi

In the older group, Shakhtar managed to quickly take control of the initiative. Gennadiy Zubov’s charges went forward straight away and organized positional attacks. However, the opponents were ready for such a scenario, so the main focus was on defence. The Pitmen, despite dominance, did not take a lot of shots. Our team managed to carve the opposition defence open on 62 minutes. After a 3-player move involving Danylo Litovchenko, Bohdan Pribluda and Andriy Apanchuk the ball hit the hand of the opposition defender inside the penalty area. The referee pointed to the spot. Pribluda converted a penalty kick. But after ten minutes the hosts managed to organize a counterattack through the flank, which resulted in a goal. The time that was left before the end of the game was not enough for the Pitmen to pull out a win.

- The game proved to be nervous overall, - Shakhtar U16 head coach Gennadiy Zubov has reflected on the game. – The opponents defended in numbers, it was hard to carve open their defence. Kremin operated roughly, we felt their determination. We dominated ball possession, but we did not expose flanks, there was not much aggression in the final phase of attacks. We will analyse errors, make conclusions and carry out necessary work.

MFC Kremin U16 (Kremenchuk) - Shakhtar U 16 (Donetsk) - 1:1 (0:0)

Goal for Shakhtar: Pribluda (62, pen.)

Shakhtar U16: Gurskiy, Koryakin, Bilyi, Shushko, Dobrokhotov, Nazarenko, Apanchuk, Liskov (Baydaev, 70), Vishnyakov (Pribluda, 41) Maksimenko (Litovchenko, 41), Vyachistyi

Head coach: Gennadiy Zubov
Coach: Oleksandr Alimov

The match between Shakhtar U15 and Dnipro U15 proved to be tough. In the opening five minutes the Pitmen had a number of chances to take the lead. But shots from Olexiy Sidorov, Maksym Golik and Volodymyr Pelipak did not find the target. Dnipro proved to be more successful in terms of conversion of chances. On seven minutes, following a free kick, they took the lead. In response, the Pitmen started playing more energetically. As a result, on 18 minutes, Dnipro’s defender brought down Pelipak inside the penalty area. Mykyta Kabrel converted a spot kick. After four minutes, Kabrel again reminded about himself, but this time in a different light: Mykyta got the second yellow card. In the end of the first half, the visitors again took the lead. In the second half, Shakhtar, despite being reduced to ten men, attacked a lot and had a number of chances to equalise. In one of the episdoes, the opposition goalkeeper managed to neutralize Maksym Golik bearing down on goal. In the added time, Dnipro found space to organise their own attack, but Alan Aussi fouled on Dnipro’s forward inside the penalty area. The visitors converted a spot kick to wrap the game up.

- We studied the opponents, seriously getting ready of the game, - Shakhtar U15 head coach Oleksandr Ladeyko has reflected on the match. – We conceded an early goal, but then we equalized, and the inspiration returned. However, soon we got reduced to ten men for the remaining sixty minutes. In this situation, it was not easy to play on equal terms with such an organized team as Dnipro. The goals we conceded were the result of our defenders’ errors. The result is not good, but I think that the boys played well, although we were down to ten men. Dnipro managed to convert their chances, and we had problems.

Shakhtar U15 (Donetsk) - Dnipro U15 (Dnipropetrovsk) - 1:3 (1:2)

Goal for Shakhtar: Kabrel (18, pen.)

Shakhtar U15: Trubin, Biblik (Dubko 31), Aussi, Snisar (Kharchenko, 36), Prokha, Babenko (Fedoruk, 59), Bodnya, Pelipak, Kabrel, Sidorov (Dyakov, 36), Golik

Head coach: Oleksandr Ladeyko
Coach: Oscar Ratulutra

The Pitmen’s older team dominated proceedings in their game, forcing the opponents to defend. Dnipro gradually tried to go forward, but every time Shakhtar defence would play well. The Pitmen’s attacking moves looked sharper and soon it brought the result. Vladislav Kuzmenko got a through pass from the flank, received the ball and sent it straight it into the net. The Pitmen kept piling on pressure, the situation on the flanks was made dangerous through Maksym Andryuschenko and Dmytro Pavlish. However, Shakhtar managed to cement their lead only on 66 minutes thanks to a goal from Olexiy Kaschuk. In the following attack, Oleg Vakulenko’s quality actions inside the penalty area led to a third goal.

- We were gearing up for a tough game, because Dnipro are one of our competitors to advance from the group, - Shakhtar U17 head coach Valeriy Rudakov has given his post-match comments. Our task was not only to win, but also show good game. The result of the work was clear, everything panned out well. We played confidently in defence, closed down the opposition leaders and played aggressively in the attacking third. We could have scored more goals but Dnipro’s goalkeeper played well.

Shakhtar U 17 (Donetsk) - Dnipro U17 (Dnipropetrovsk) - 3:0 (1:0)
Goals: Kuzmenko (36), Kashchuk (66), Vakulenko (72)
Shakhtar U17: Vertey, Konoplya, Mate, Sobolevskiy, Pavlish, Chekh, Kashchuk (Yakovets, 78), Gaivan, Kuzmenko (Bodnaruk, 43) Vakulenko, Andryushchenko (Kravchuk, 41)
Head coach: Valeriy Rudakov
Coach: Oleksandr Koval