Shakhtar returned to Kyiv

The match against Besiktas, which was cancelled, made adjustments to the Pitmen’s programme. We remind you that on 11 October Shakhtar were scheduled to play a friendly match as part of the Turkish training camp.

Once it became known that the game would not take place, Mircea Lucescu announced a new schedule for Sunday. The team headed for a training session.

The concept of the session has been worked out in such a way so as to maximally compensate for the possible workload that the players should have received in the match against Besiktas. Therefore, the traditional jogging and aerobic work was quickly replaced by... a three-team training game! The players were divided into three sides wearing corresponding colours. The principle of an unusual game involved each team playing against each other! As the two teams were taking to the pitch, the third side were waiting on the sidelines. Once the goal was scored, one of the teams were temporarily leaving the field, giving way to the colleagues, who were waiting on the sideline. And such a carousel lasts until 12 goals scored! Those, who score a dozen goals first, claim an aggregate win.

The competitive element motivated players so much that a 3-team training game quickly grew into an uncompromising battle. The session got slightly longer than intended - no one wanted to lose!

At the end of training, Shakhtar went to the airport of Antalya, from where they headed to Kyiv. Mircea Lucescu gave the players a day off for Monday.