Million people received aid from Rinat Akhmetov Centre

One million civilians from Donbas have received aid from the Rinat Akhmetov Centre during the period from May last year to October 2015. The Centre Coordinator Rimma Fil has reported about that on 13 October.

During this period, the Centre have implemented the following programmes: “The Evacuation and Accommodation”, “Aid+Help. Health”, helping pregnant women, veterans and kids. Currently, the Centre is helping the elderly and children with products, psychological programmes of targeted assistance are working, including “Medicines for Children”.

- Million people in person have received aid from the Rinat Akhmetov Centre at least once. Given that the food kits help the whole family survive, the number of people whom the Centre have helped is even greater. When support is needed by millions, a huge number of lives depends on the effectiveness of our work. Today the Centre is the greatest mission in Ukraine in terms of humanitarian aid in the area of ​​armed conflict - Rimma Fil said.

The Centre always directs its efforts where it is needed based on the humanitarian needs of the civilian population of Donbas. The most large-scale direction of its work is humanitarian food aid for adults and children’s food kits, which amounts to 83.8% of all recipients.

Every month about 500,000 people on both sides of the line of contact receive food kits from the Centre. Aid is intended for pensioners, the disabled, large families and foster families, orphans, single mothers.

Among those who have received survival kits are 31% of men and 69% of women. There are 70 pensioners and disabled people among every 100 people receiving aid.

Food kits are received by the following categories of Donbas civilians:
• 64% of pensioners, of which more than 4 000 people are over 90 years old;
• 6,4% of persons with disabilities;
• 9,5% low-income families, single mothers and orphans;
• 6,3% children up to 35 years old and pregnant women;
• 13,8% of people who have received one-time assistance and others.

In total, the Centre have distributed 4,848,000 adult foot kits and 355,000 kits for children.