Eduardo: Matches with Dynamo and Malmo will be main games of season

In an interview with the official website, the Pitmen’s forward has talked about the upcoming game with the capital club.

- Eduardo, you have played a lot of matches against Dynamo. What impressions of them do you have?
- First of all, I would note that this is a great club like Shakhtar. In Ukraine, in this century, only Pitmen and Dynamo have been in the spotlight compared to others. We always prepare for the match with Dynamo thoroughly, with treating these games as the Champions League ties. Unfortunately, we cannot face them more often throughout the year. Therefore, we really look forward to three-four games, when we can face each other during the season.

- In the current league campaign, Dynamo haven’t lost a single match, conceding just two goals. Does it have to do with Dynamo’s strong defence?
- The Kyiv side have shipped two goals in the league. But it doesn’t mean that the same story will happen in the match against Shakhtar. We have a strong team that can score goals against the opponents of any level, including Dynamo. I remember the Super Cup match! It did not end well for the capital club. I am sure that now we can do the same with the same accuracy.

- After the game with Dynamo, Shakhtar will face Malmo in the Champions League. Is this match more important mentally?
- There is no point in even talking about personal motivation! For the Pitmen, upcoming games with Dynamo and Malmo will be main games of the season. Therefore, we must be concentrated - only that can help us.

- Theoretically, Dynamo will settle for a draw in this match. Are you ready to deal with Dynamo’s counterattacks?
- It is hard to predict how the opponents will act, there may be surprises. But everything about Dynamo’s tactics and style of play will become clear from the very first minutes of the match. For us, the main thing is to win, a draw would be a negative result for the Pitmen.