Oleksandr Gladkyy: Matches with Dynamo are always exciting and tough

The Pitmen’s forward has reflected on the upcoming match with Dynamo.

- We fully understand the importance of this game and are preparing for it very seriously. For us, the most important thing is to get a win on Friday.

- On the situation with injured players: Maksym Malyshev has returned to full training; will be available for the Dynamo game?
- Most likely, no. The others are ready.

- What do you personally remember about the matches with the capital club?
- It is our Ukrainian derby! Matches with Dynamo are always very interesting and tough. But we will do everything we can to claim three points on Friday.

- Dynamo are going undefeated in the second season in a row...
- We’ll do everything to break this tradition and end their unbeaten run.

- I represent the Swedish TV, so the question will concern Malmo. What mood are you going into this game?
- There is still time left before the Malmo game. We have a very important match on the 16th - with Dynamo. Only after this meeting we will begin preparation for the game against the Swedes.

- Do you think Shakhtar will succeed in the Champions League?
- I repeat: first we will play with Dynamo, we will have to defeat them. And then we will prepare for the next matches with a good mood, including the Champions League. Mister said it would be a decisive game.



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