Serhiy Rebrov: Nobody expected such a game...

The head coach of Dynamo has shared his view on the match against the Pitmen, with answering questions from the media.

- It is difficult to comment on the game. Of course, I congratulate Shakhtar on a well-deserved victory! We have not followed the game plan. All the goals and at least another ten counterattacks came from the opponents. Unfortunately, we lost deservedly. I just want to apologize to the fans - no one expected such a game... The players are upset, we are upset. I hope that this game will help us better prepare for Chelsea. Now, perhaps, we can forget everything and continue to prepare for a meeting with Chelsea. We must forget this really horrible game. Nothing happened: we are equal points in the championship, there is everything to play for. It is better to lose one time 0-3 than three times 0-1.

- The games between Shakhtar and Dynamo have not seen such overwhelming dominance by one team. Were you really surprised by the Pitmen or did they just have a better game?
- I do not think that the Pitmen enjoyed overwhelming dominance, especially in the first half. After the second half, probably after shipping second goal we forward to score and conceded a lot of counterattacks. I think we lost a key player in midfield – Rybalka. He dictates the game, operates aggressively and intensively. Today, unfortunately, Miguel Veloso was not up to the mark in that position. I do not want to single anyone out, because watching the match from the sidelines and then analysing are different things. But really, Shakhtar dominated in midfield. When Gladkyy flicked the ball on to Teixeira, who would make runs – everyone saw it, we admit it.

- Do not you think that one of the reasons for the defeat was that you lost in terms of pace? And the second question regarding Yarmolenko: did the signing of the new contract affect his motivation?
- I think he showed a decent performance because Andriy is one of leading players, and any opponent pays attention to it. In the first half, and the second at least two players operated against Yarmolenko. It's not easy. I do not believe that he did not have the motivation, he tried. Any match with Shakhtar is crucial - and he is upset just like everyone else. As for losing in terms of speed... It's no secret that the Pitmen have very fast players in attack, we knew about it and warned. Sometimes it is difficult to focus on the field when you have lost some confidence, the players do not understand you properly. At such pace, you need to help each other, cover. Unfortunately, it did not happen. It will be necessary to analyse, to watch the game again, look at the statistics. It is not right to talk about it now.

- Very often, when Garmash and Sydorchuk get the ball, they are looking for Yarmolenko. Do you not think that your team are heavily dependent on Andriy? And the opposite was a failure today too: Gusev was replaced, Gonzales was sent off...
- In the first half many attacks were going through Gusev,, and he delivered quite a lot of crosses. I did not notice that Garmash, for example, was looking for Yarmolenko. Sydorchuk - yes, often, but they got used to each other’s game. Perhaps this is not so bad - to find Yarmolenko with passes. Another thing, when Andriy got the ball, he did not have the space. When it happened, he used it and created chances.

- This meeting is certainly reminiscent of the Dynamo game at Donbas Arena, when after the first goal everything was decided through the counterattack. In this context, why were the leader of defence Khacheridi and Rybalka in the middle of the field missing? Did you rest them before the Chelsea game?
- Rybka is injured, he was not even in the match squad. He got a light injury, and we hope that before the Chelsea game, he will recover. As for Yevhen Khacheridi, we have enough skilled defenders. Dragovic play for Austria, who qualified for the European Championship. Vida is Croatia’s first-choice defender. If Khacheridi has the same desire to play and fight for a place in the starting line-up, then... This man has a huge potential! I hope that after today's match, he will come to the training session and prove that this is his place. I want to see it! Yevhen is a footballer of a very high level. I want him to understand that the team need him.

- Has it surprised you that Shakhtar dominated on the left wing, where Bernard always outplayed Danilo Silva? Was it really a surprise, because Bernard may have not taken to the pitch, if Taison had been fit?
- Probably, a player who is called up and play for the Brazil national team, is a strong performer. He is fast, he sees the pitch well - we knew it, the players know about it. To some extent, Danilo was uncomfortable. Maybe they did not cover, because when there is such a high-speed attack, it is very difficult to leave opponents. Shakhtar’s players operate quite successfully in the opponent's half of the field, one versus one. The whole team lost in terms of speed, not just left or right flank look inferior.

- I would like to hear from you explanations about such harsh words regarding Khacheridi. Did anything serious happen? And the second question: how do you react to the fact that the stadium was filled only 60 percent?
- Probably, everyone is waiting for Chelsea. Now there are a lot of Champions League matches. Regarding Yevhen Khacheridi: I have no conflict with him, believe me! Any coach is not the enemy to himself. If you see that the player who is a potentially stronger, dedicated during training session and proves the right to have a place in the starting line-up, he will play. I have always said our every player is a player of his national team. If Khacheridi copes with competition, he will play. The same applies to Dragovic and Vida. It is necessary to prove in every training session, every game. I hope that after this game every player, who was not in the match squad, will not be offended by me, and will go to training session, work hard and prove that he must play in this team. It can only please me.